Fans Trash Pregnant Chrissy Teigen’s Physical Appearance

John Legend, Chrissy Teigen

Getty John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Fan-favorite “Voice” coach, John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, recently announced that they were pregnant with their “rainbow baby.” The couple has been trying to get pregnant through Invitro Fertilization since September 2020. They tragically lost their son Jack earlier that year, reports Us Weekly.

When Teigen posted the news on Instagram on August 3, most fans were extremely excited about the revelation, posting their congratulatory comments all over social media. However, a few Instagram users felt compelled to comment on Teigen’s physical appearance instead.

It Started with The Hair

One poster commented, “And….your hair color looks so good” to which another replied, “it should….probably cost 1000s of dollars 😂”  This caused another Instagram user to write, “she [the commenter] is one of Chrissy’s hair stylists so she’s probably well aware lol,” which received a more critical response from the previous poster: “if she was aware she’d suggest a better look.”

A New Post Caused More Backlash

Teigen posted a picture of herself with her and John Legend’s son, Miles, on a boat on August 7 on Instagram. She captioned the pic with “keeping up with this one somehow.”

One poster wrote, “so cute” to which another responded, “so fake.” Some users started to claim that they did not even recognize Teigen in the picture. One user posted, “Something is soooo different about her.”  Another person wrote, “wait a minute.. that’s you in the picture?? I thought it was some kind of relative or something..”

“Probably some work done,” One user commented.  “pony tail face lift. Look it up. Beyoncé got one too,” wrote someone else. “it’s her cheek bones are gone 🤔” surmised another. Other commenters blamed Teigen’s allegedly different look on her eyebrows, her teeth and her hormones.

“u guys are something.” Teigen interjected.

A Teigen defender wrote, “She literally looks the same. Wtf is wrong with everyone’s eyes in these comments. She just has her makeup done, obviously.” Teigen responded directly to that poster, writing, “What’s funny is I usually do full glam or nothing at all and this time I took 10 mins to do it myself and I never am again lol”

Many fans were quick to stick up for Teigen, writing things like “brows on point. Pregnancy glow on full effect! Gorgeous!!” and “Don’t listen to those people. They’ve got nothing else better to do. You look amazing ❤️”

What’s Going on Here?

The wife of one of the most popular coaches on “The Voice,” and an accomplished model, TV personality and author in her own right, announced amazing news about expecting a baby. While most social media users congratulated her, the focus on her appearance that other users had may indicate certain trends in our society.

According to an article in Psychology Today, by Dr. Lisa Firestone, “We live in a culture where it is still considered more socially acceptable for a man to directly express his competitive nature. For women, this quality has been shunned as undesirable. Many women are consequently uncomfortable with both their natural feelings of wanting something and their desire to compete to get it.”

The outlet continues, “Sadly, as women, we sometimes inadvertently strengthen this false notion of gender norms by failing to face our competitive feelings directly or to learn to deal with these feelings in a positive way…most of us can’t deny the times when our competitive feelings have slipped out by way of a sarcastic dig or a cutting comment.”

There is no way to know for sure what caused the critical remarks toward Teigen. However, based on her reactions, she was certainly affected by them.

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