Fans Sound Off on Kelly Clarkson After ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Start

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The Battle Rounds of NBC’s hit reality singing competition The Voice began airing last week, and fans were already upset at coach Kelly Clarkson after the first episode of the round.

During the battle rounds, coaches have to pit their contestants against one another and then ultimately decide who gets to stay and who gets eliminated by the end of the round. Fans believe Kelly Clarkson made a mistake when it comes to one specific battle on her team, however.

For the round, Clarkson paired up Madeline Consoer and Eli Zamora to sing “Solo Quiero Amarte” by Ricky Martin, and Clarkson chose Consoer to continue in the competition.

Fans Believe Clarkson Saved the Wrong Contestant

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Clarkson didn’t seem to hesitate too much in her decision to keep Madeline on the show over Zamora, but fans really thought that Zamora would stay in the show somehow, even if it meant that another one of the coaches would steal him before he left the stage.

“Why was Eli not up for steal???? He was fantastic!!!!” one fan tweeted after the performance.

Another wrote, “I rarely disagree with @kellyclarkson but she got it wrong by not picking Eli tonight #TheVoice”

“@kellyClarkson #TheVoice should have picked Eli!” another tweeted.

One person wanted Eli to be stolen and get a place on another one of the teams, writing, “I would steal Eli for sure he put his heart and soul in that battle #TheVoice #VoiceBattles.”

Other fans seemed to understand the coach’s decision, but they were still disappointed in the fact that Eli Zamora was being sent home.

“No, really tho, I am saddened by the fact that Eli went home,” one person said.

“I wanted Eli,” one person wrote. “That was tough @kellyclarkson #thevoice”

Zamora Confirmed There Were No Saves or Steals Left

Though fans reached out to say they believed that Zamora should have been given a second chance using a save or a steal from any of the coaches, Zamora shot that down on his Twitter, letting fans know that the episodes air out of order from what really happened. He said there were no saves or steals left at the time of his performance.

“If you would’ve told me early this year I would be singing in the best singing platform during a pandemic!!!! I would not believe you,” he wrote. “Thank you for everything I’m legit so grateful #thevoice. edit: (FYI guys there were no steals or saves left when I sang).”

When someone told him that the way the show broadcasted his performance, it appeared that no saves or steals had yet been used, he responded with a simple “they do that,” referring to the order of filming and the order the performances air not being consistent after editing.

Coaches will continue to make touch choices through the remainder of the Battle Rounds.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. Battle Rounds continue for one more week before the show moves on to the Knockout Rounds.

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