Kelly Clarkson Reveals Who She Would Love to Share a Super Bowl Stage With

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Kelly Clarkson, host of the daytime talk show “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and coach on NBC’s “The Voice,” played a game of “Who Would You Rather” with 1990s music stars as the choices.

In a video exclusively for the talk show’s YouTube channel, Clarkson was given questions about who she would like to do something with alongside the names of ’90s music stars, and she had some interesting answers during the Q&A session.

Read on to learn who Clarkson would choose to play beer pong with and take home to her mother.

Clarkson Would Love to Share a Super Bowl Stage With Mariah Carey

In the video, Clarkson was asked who she would rather choose to share a Super Bowl stage with between Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. She went with Carey because Houston is not alive, but she did have a caveat.

“If they were both alive, that would be a really hard thing for me,” Clarkson said. “Those two women are, like, seriously two of the reasons I’m a singer. I’m such a huge fan of Whitney and Mariah.”

She added, “I love both women, and I know both of their catalogs. Like, not just know the songs, like, know all the riffs, know where they take breaths, anything happening there, I know.”

She also said that the two women are completely different and she doesn’t love when people pit them against one another.

“They are totally different artists,” she said. “And nobody gives Mariah the credit she deserves as a songwriter.”

Clarkson Chose Sir Mix-A-Lot & Cher As People to Spend Time With

When asked who she would rather take home to her mother between MC Hammer and Sir Mix-A-Lot, Clarkson said she would take home the latter because they have “a lot of booty” in her family.

“Not one of us doesn’t have a giant behind,” she shared.

When it comes to playing beer pong at a party, Clarkson had the choice between partnering with Madonna or Cher. She went with Cher because “she seemed really nice and down-to-earth” and “really fun.”

Clarkson Chose Destiny’s Child Over The Spice Girls

During the game, Clarkson was asked who she would rather be in a text chain with between The Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. She chose Destiny’s Child because she says she knew all of their songs when she was growing up but didn’t know The Spice Girls very well.

In a question that Clarkson might not have been expecting, she was asked to choose which group she would rather steal clothes from between TLC and No Doubt. Gwen Stefani is a close friend of Clarkson’s and was in No Doubt, so fans may expect Clarkson to throw a bone to her former “The Voice” coworker. She didn’t, though, saying that she preferred TLC’s style and that they are her favorite girl group ever.

Also revealed during the game is that Clarkson would love to write a song with Alanis Morisette.

“She’s a great example of a woman,” Clarkson shared. “Very bold, very talented, very smart. And, I don’t know, just, like, when I was a kid, I wanted to write a song with her.”

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