The Voice Instant Save: How to Vote to Save Artists

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NBC Here's how to vote on "The Voice" Wildcard Instant Save tonight.

NBC’s “The Voice” season 22 semi-finals air tonight, December 6, 2022.

During the show, viewers and contestants will get the results of the vote that took place overnight. Voting closed at 7 a.m. ET after opening last night at 8 p.m. ET. Tonight, viewers and contestants learn which artist made it through to the next round.

There are no guarantees made to coaches about how many artists they’ll get through to the finale. Heading into the semi-finals episode, Blake Shelton’s team features three artists, John Legend’s team features three artists, Camila Cabello’s team features one artist, and Gwen Stefani has just one artist left on her team as well.

Read on for everything you need to know about when and where to use tonight’s Wildcard Instant Save.

How to Vote in the Wildcard Instant Save

During tonight’s live results show, long-time “The Voice” host Carson Daly will pull teams onto the stage to share which artists have been automatically declared safe by America. The reveals will move quickly, as the show has to leave time for the three final performances at the end of the night as well as for the final reveal.

Then, the three contestants who were not automatically voted through will compete in the Wildcard Instant Save with hopes that votes from viewers will put them through to the season finale for a chance to bring home the title of this season’s “The Voice.”

The process includes each of the three singers performing one more time for a chance at making it through to the finale.

Viewers of the show will then have only five minutes to vote on which of these three competitors they would like to send on to the top five, and whichever contestant receives the most votes will be marked safe and keep their dream alive.

Where Can You Vote in the Instant Save?

In past seasons, the Instant Save vote took place on Twitter when viewers would vote using the hashtag #VoiceSave along with the name of the artist they wanted to save from elimination.

For the past two seasons, things have been a bit different. Viewers have to vote using the Voice App or the show’s website. They must be registered with a valid email address, Facebook account, or Google account for both methods. Once voting opens up, you can go here to vote within the time period. You can also vote on the Official Voice App.

Voting is only open for a small amount of time, so be sure to get in there as quickly as possible to make your vote for the Instant Save count.

During past seasons, some fans have said they don’t think the Instant Save is unfair because viewers on the west coast are never given the chance to see the performances before the voting opens and closes.

Because the show is live, the winner has to be revealed by the end of the east coast broadcast, which wraps up before the west coast broadcast of “The Voice” starts.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. “The Voice” season 22 finale will air in two parts on Monday, December 12 and Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

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