‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Was Married to Ex-Wife Mary Ryan Ravenel for 3 Years

Thomas Ravanel

Getty Thomas Ravanel in 2013

During his time on Southern Charm, star Thomas Ravenel has been living the single life, with a few girlfriends in between. We’ve seen him with many different partners, but did you know that he was actually married to a woman named Mary Ryan Ravenel for three years before he was a star on Southern Charm?

According to People, the two were married in 1995 but separated only 13 months later. The two became legally divorced three years later, in 1998. While they were married, the two did not have any children together. However, aside from the fact that Ryan is Ravenel’s ex-wife, little else is known about her. Her current life seems to be very private, and she doesn’t have any public-facing social media pages.

On Southern Charm, Ravenel rarely mentions his ex-wife.

Ravenel Has Had Many Girlfriends Since His Divorce

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Since his divorce, Ravenel has had a few different girlfriends, especially during his time on Southern Charm. While on the show, Ravenel dated costar Kathryn Dennis, and the two ended up having two children together, a 5-year-old daughter Kensie and a 4-year-old son named St. Julien.

However, over the past few years, the two have been dealing with a nasty custody battle after they split. Thankfully, though, the battle was recently resolved in November 2019. The two now have joint custody of their children. Dennis tweeted, “Just want to let my fans hear from me officially that Thomas and I have resolved all matters related to our children. I believe that this joint custody arrangement is in our children’s best interests. Happy to move forward. Thank y’all for all of your patience, support & love -kd”

Ravenel also recently welcomed a child with his new girlfriend, Heather Mascoe, according to Us Weekly. On June 29, they welcomed a son named Jonathan Jackson. Ravenel revealed to The Daily Mail, “We’ve named him Jonathan Jackson Ravenel and he was born by C-section on June 29, 7lbs 4oz and 20.25inches long. We are both very happy. Heather is a phenomenal mom and they’re both doing well.”

Ravenel Plans to Get Married Again

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According to Us Weekly, on October 13, Ravenel tweeted that he was getting married again. The now-deleted Tweet read, “Did anyone know I’m getting married?” Ravenel implied that he was going to marry Heather Mascoe, and even confirmed that he would not be getting a prenup, according to Us Weekly.

However, shortly after their son’s birth, the pair briefly broke up. At the time, Ravenel told The Daily Mail that the two are just friends. “That’s how I’d put our relationship, really good friends. She’s happy and I’m happy,” Ravenel told The Daily Mail. However, it seems like the two have since gotten back together, as Ravenel plans to marry Mascoe in the near future.

On his Twitter page, Ravenel often shows off photos of his children. On August 6, Ravanel posted a photo on Twitter of his newborn. In the caption, Ravanel wrote, “Meet Jonathan Jackson Ravenel. One 5 weeks old.”

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