Tina Jones Sentenced to 12 Years for Murder-for-Hire Plot

Tina Jones Murder For Hire Sentence

CBS/Illinois Department of Corrections Tina Jones was sentenced to 12 years in prison for allegedly trying to hire someone to kill her ex-boyfriend's wife.

Tonight Investigation Discovery is airing the “Find Yura: Manhunt on the Dark Web” episode of 48 HoursThe two-year investigation of a murder-for-hire plot resulted in the arrest and sentencing of Tina Jones, a nurse from Illinois.

According to the episode synopsis, “For more than two years, 48 Hours and correspondent Peter Van Sant have been investigating murder-for-hire plots on the dark web, which has led to a global hunt to track down the elusive mastermind behind several hit-man-for-hire websites.”

Jones, who was 33 years old at the time of sentencing, admitted to looking for someone to kill her ex’s wife, according to Insider. The 48 Hours team was directly involved with the apprehension of Jones, as they told law enforcement of the plot they discovered while reporting on dark web murder-for-hire plots.

Jones Allegedly Tried to Hire Someone to Kill Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife

According to CBS News, Jones was brought in for questioning after 48 Hours sent a tip in to the Woodridge, Illinois police department.

Jones pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder after admitting what she did to Seargent Daniel Murphy. The prosecution alleged that Jones was having an affair with the man whose wife she wanted to have killed, according to ABC 7 Chicago. Reports on that aspect of the case differ, though, as some reports state that she wanted to have her ex-boyfriend’s new wife murdered.

According to Insider, Jones paid $12,000 in Bitcoin in order to have the woman murdered. The website, which was said to belong to the “Sicilian Hitmen International Network” was actually a scam, though.

The site also reported that Jones wanted the murder to make it appear as though the woman had been cheating on her husband. She also provided a picture of the woman as well as her address and specified that the husband of the victim not be harmed in the murder.

Jones Was Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

After pleading guilty to the charge of attempted murder, Jones was sentenced to spend 12 years in prison. She must serve 85% of that sentence in order to be eligible for parole, the judge ruled, according to Insider.

According to the Illinois Department of Corrections, Jones is currently serving her time at the Logan Correctional Center and will be eligible for parole in November 2029. At the time of writing, her projected discharge date is November 6, 2032.

“It was a sinister, evil plan the defendant had to take the life of an innocent person, all to eliminate an obstacle to her, a romantic rival,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said, according to ABC 7 Chicago.

The episode of 48 Hours looks at Tina Jones as just one part of a much larger story, however. The reporters found the evidence while looking to locate the person who goes by the name Yura. According to CBS News, they exposed about 20 active murder plots during their investigation.

Yura has an identity and a location that are still unknown, though 48 Hours investigated in England, India, Moldova and Queens, New York.

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