’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Overwhelming Want TLC Star to Replace Shaun Robinson

Shaun Robinson

Discovery/TLC Some "90 Day Fiance" fans said that Robinson has gotten "soft" over the years.

“90 Day Fiance” stars want to help Tim Malcolm’s dream come true. Fans accused “Tell-All” host Shaun Robinson — who has been hosting the special since 2016 — of going soft at the reunions, prompting a social media user to nominate Malcolm as a possible replacement.

“Tim needs to be the host of the Tell All,” a viewer wrote via Twitter on November 28.

Malcolm responded to the message, saying he would be up to the task. “God that would be my dream job. Tag tlc and 90 day fiance and maybe if enough of you do it?? Who knows. They do care what the fans say!” the Charlotte, North Carolina native tweeted back.

The following day, Malcolm clarified that he wasn’t trying to steal Robinson’s gig. “My dream job is to be a host of a tv show. Not that I could fill Shaun Robinson’s shoes but I would love to host something!” he wrote.

Fans Thought It Was Time For Robinson To Take a Break

Malcolm’s comments made their way over to Reddit, where more than 1,600 people upvoted the TLC star’s tweet.

“Tim is coming for Shaun’s job and I think he should get it with Kenny as co-host,” an original poster wrote.

A majority of viewers who responded to the thread agreed that Malcolm might be better suited for the position than Robinson.

“I just want a host that will press the cast and not just toss softballs. If that’s Tim, I’m in,” said one popular remark.

“Shaun has run her course. She started off ok but it’s been terrible as it’s aged. She isn’t the host we need. Tim is perfect for this,” another agreed.

Malcolm Faced Backlash Over His Tell-All Outfit

Fans might want to see Malcolm in the host’s chair, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t face his own share of criticism. Viewers lambasted the TLC personality over the colorful fringe pants he wore to the “90 Day Fiance: The Single Life” season 3 tell-all on November 28.

During an Instagram live the same day, Malcolm agreed the pants were a poor decision, according to In Touch Weekly. In real life, they are red but they look pink on television.

Malcolm said the cast’s outfits have to be approved by producers.

“Y’all don’t know this logistical s*** about TV, that y’all don’t really get to hear or see. It’s not as simple as like, why would he wear that?” he said, per In Touch Weekly.

It’s not the first time Malcolm has been criticized about his outfit. Last time, fans didn’t like the pant and boot combo Malcolm wore to the season 2 tell-all.

“The outfit with Kenny, those pants looked like purple spandex on TV, just like these pants look like they’re pink,” he said, referring to TLC personality Kenneth Niedermeier. “But they’re actually red. Those other pants were actually jeans.”

It wasn’t just fans. Malcolm was teased about his rose-colored trousers by Justin Foster, the ex-boyfriend of Malcolm’s ex-girlfriend, Veronica Rodriguez.

“I love those pants man,” Foster said at the tell-all. “You almost look as pretty as Veronica.”

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