Jesse Meester Makes Controversial Comments About 90DF’s Tim Malcolm

Jesse Meester and Tim Malcolm

YouTube Jesse Meester and Tim Malcolm

Jesse Meester made controversial comments about Tim Malcolm, who briefly dated Meester’s new girlfriend, Jeniffer Tarazona.

The “90 Day Fiancé” star appeared on Sunday’s edition of “90 Day Bares All” to help promote his upcoming appearance on “The Single Life” season 2 and he dropped some huge bombs about everything from his ex, Darcey Silva and his new girlfriend former flame.

Meester and Tarazona both starred in the spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” with their respective exes. Tarazona’s main storyline was Malcolm’s hesitancy for intimacy and lack of sex drive, of which Meester has a theory. 

“I think it’s pretty obvious,” Meester said when asked why he thinks the two were not intimate. “To be honest, Jeniffer told me before she met him, he was always talking about me and how great I was, and how she should check me out. And when I heard that for the first time, I was a little caught off-guard, like, why you talking about me?”

Meester appeared on the show for two seasons before Tarazona and Malcolm were featured and Meester credits him for bringing the pair together.

“But, I didn’t know, like, anything about him, or him talking about me and saying all these great things, so, thank you, Tim, because of that and other things, me and Jeniffer are now here, so I’m a little bit grateful for that,” he said.

Malcolm is no stranger to rumors about his sexuality and addressed the fans who accused him of being gay or even transgender.

“It comes with the territory,” he told ET in October 2019. “You’re going to get people that just have to come up with these outlandish ideas. I’m not transgender. I think it’s cool for the people that want to do that if that’s what you want to do with your life, but that’s not me.”

He called people’s ideas of his sexuality “laughable” and went in on society’s standards of masculinity.

“I think that’s just strange that society just thinks if a man says no then he’s gay,” he said. “If a woman says no, it’s fine. But it’s like the double standard that society has. I kind of laugh about it. I do have some feminine traits. The gay thing was kind of out of left field for me.”

Fans Accused Jeniffer Tarazona and Jessie Meester of Spoiling Some Of “The Single Life” Season 2

When it was announced that Tarazona and Meester would appear on season 2 it didn’t quite get the pop from fans it should have and that’s due in part to the pair oversharing their relationship on Instagram.

In the teaser for the upcoming season, the storyline between Tarazona and Meester is how she has a local boyfriend and must choose between the two. But according to their numerous recent Instagram posts, the pair are happily officially together and the local boyfriend is nowhere to be seen.

Reddit user u/Tuff_Wizardess was upset by the reveals saying the recent post “takes away from the story and any ‘will they, won’t they’ anticipation.”

Jessie Meester Reacts to Ex Darcey Silva’s New Plastic Surgery Reveal

Meester and Darcey had a whirlwind romance over two seasons that ultimately ended in a bad breakup with Meester coming out as the villain amongst fans. Throughout Silva’s many appearances since the split, Meester has found a way to work himself back in with a recent appearance on Silva’s spin-off show “Darcey and Stacey.”

The pair came face-to-face during the October 10 appearance on “90 Day Bares All” where Meester saw Silva’s new plastic surgery makeover.

“I think Darcey is beautiful in her own way,” Meester said. “I’m very happy with her new look. I hope you are in a good place. I have no grudges, no hard feelings.”

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