Angela Deem Posts Video with All 5 Grandkids After Partying in New Orleans

Angela Deem

TLC "90 Day Fiancé" star Angela Deem, 56, celebrated Halloween with her grandchildren.

Angela Deem might be feuding with her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, on season 7 of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After,”  but she’s enjoying herself back in the U.S. Angela got together with her five grandchildren to celebrate Halloween and posted about it on Instagram and TikTok.

Angela, 56, disabled her comments section, but her videos are getting thousands of views.

Angela held up the camera and showed her grandchildren saying, “Meemaw’s home!”

“Yup MEEMAWS BACK HOME LOVE THESE GRANDKIDS,” she wrote as the caption on October 31. 
Over the weekend, the Georgia native enjoyed the spooky holiday by dressing as a feline and partying at the Cat’s Meow in New Orleans, a “rowdy karaoke joint” near Bourbon Street.
“This is Angela. I’m going to the Cat’s Meow in a couple of hours and I’m very nervous. This is me before my drink and I’ll be back in 10 minutes to see if I changed,” she said with a giggle.
In a follow-up video, Angela asked her grandchildren for support.
“It’s your sexy Meemaw. Guess where I’m at? New Orleans and I’m scared s***less and I need some motivation from my favorite fans, which is y’all,” she said. “I love y’all. I got you in my heart and I hope that y’all pray that I knock this out the park. Meemaw loves you. I love all of you.”
The TLC star finished the video by saying everything she does, she does for her grandchildren.

Deem Might Have Been Hired by The Cat’s Meow

According to the Cat’s Meow website, Angela was scheduled to appear at the karaoke bar to sing, sign autographs, and take pictures with fans.
Although she was nervous before the event, Angela wrote that she was pleased with the outcome.
“Had a blast thank you for allowing me too be a part of this AMAZIBG NIGHT,” she wrote on the Cat’s Meow’s Instagram page. 
The karaoke bar shared some videos from the night, too. One showed her dancing with a fan and another showed Angela singing on stage.

Angela & Michael Have Been Fighting Over Instagram

While Angela is apparently allowed to use social media as she pleases, the TLC star does not want Micahel to have his own Instagram page.

During season 7 of “Happily Ever After,” Angela flew to Nigeria to surprise her husband and demanded that he take down his Instagram page.

The couple had “makeup sex” after Michael acquiesced, but the morning after they were intimate Michael took back his promise.

“I did tell Angela last night that I was gonna take down the Instagram to convince her to be sweet with me,” Michael told TLC cameras. “But I really don’t intend to take it down.”

“Of course, I feel bad lying to her. But I did it because I thought if I could put her in a better mood, then, it will be better to talk to her about keeping my social media,” he confessed.

Michael didn’t think it was fair that Angela was allowed to keep her page up when his has to be disabled.
“She won’t delete her social media for me, so why should I delete mine for her?” he said in his confessional.
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