Glenn Thore’s Rumored Estranged Child Is Possible Storyline For Season 11: Report

Whitney Way Thore

TLC "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" star Whitney Way Thore" might be meeting her estranged older brother of season 11, if rumors are true.

TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” might be coming back for the 11th season and if they are, some family drama could be at the heart of it.

Season 10 focused on Babs Thore’s recovery after suffering from a stroke, but Season 11 might shed light on the dynamics of the family. Apparently, there is a rumored estranged son who patriarch Glenn Thore welcomed with a woman he dated before marrying Babs, according to a rumor posted by the “MBFFL” moderator known as u/FaeryCourt on Reddit.

Glenn’s ex-girlfriend, Keiko, was mentioned on the show in 2018, with TLC writing in the episode description that Babs was “jealous” of her husband’s ex.

The relationship resurfaced while the family was in Hawaii. “Mom’s never going to let go of dad’s ex-girlfriend, Keiko,” Whitney explains during dinner. Babs said she wouldn’t even “touch” Keiko.

Babs gave some more insight on Keiko during a confessional, telling TLC cameras: “Keiko was Glenn’s girlfriend when he was in the Marines in Japan, and I guess that I just have never been able to get over that.”

“Babs seems to be a bit jealous of Keiko and I’m not sure why because I’ve been hers for 40 years,” Glenn added.

The Reddit thread which leaked the accusation has garnered hundreds of upvotes and comments from viewers and was subsequently noticed by Starcasm. 

As far as viewers of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” know, there are only two confirmed Thore children — Hunter, 37, and Whitney, 38. If Glenn did have a child with Keiko, Starcasm said he might be between 47 and 57 years old.

Heavy reached out to TLC for comment but didn’t hear back.

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” was not greenlit for season 11, though they often don’t announce new seasons until the premiere is set, according to Distractify. 

They Family Didn’t Know About the Rumored Estranged Son

The Reddit insider claimed that Whitney and Hunter didn’t know they had an older brother.

“The family, this past year, found out about the child, who is now grown and wants to get to know their father, Glenn,” the person on Reddit writes.

“Because Babs is in rehab and Glenn has been reevaluating his life choices, esp where his children are concerned, it has become… not public knowledge, but the entire family is aware of it,” the anonymous insider continued.

Whitney Hasn’t Publicly Commented on the Rumor

Whitney didn’t confirm or deny the rumor for the Season 11 storyline once it surfaced on social media.

Her latest Instagram post, shared on December 2, showed herself and Babs listening to music together.

“At some point over the last several months, Mom became aware of the musical stylings of Mystikal circa 2000, and this became one of her favorite songs 😂 20 years late, but somehow she’s always right on time. 🕰,” Thore captioned the post.

Babs has been recovering at a retirement community in North Carolina called Abbotswood. According to Whitney, the center pieced together all the clips of Abbotswood that appeared on season 10 and held a screening for the residents. They provided snacks and drinks, too. Whitney said everyone had fun and the residents enjoyed seeing themselves on TV.
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