‘Sister Wives’ Star Janelle Brown Makes an Intriguing Announcement

Janelle Brown

YouTube Janelle Brown of "Sister Wives."

“Sister Wives” fans have been buzzing over everything that has happened so far during season 17 of the long-running TLC show, and spoilers promise there is more chaos coming. Now, an Instagram post by Janelle Brown has some fans buzzing and wondering if it might mean more than it would appear on the surface.

Here’s what you need to know:

Janelle Brown Made a Change in Her Representation

On November 4, Brown shared a post on her Instagram page in conjunction with a new management team. “We’re so excited to announce that @manageclout is the new business management team for @janellebrown117,” the caption read. “Stay tuned friends! Lots of exciting things are happening!” The video was a montage of still shots that showed Brown doing a high five with Tonia Ryan, one of her new managers, and several additional photos. Ryan’s website lists a handful of other reality television stars as clients, including “Mama June” Shannon as well as “90 Day Fiance” stars Cynthia Decker, Ash Naeck, and Angela Deem.

The post by the “Sister Wives” star received nearly 100,000 “likes,” which included one from Ysabel Brown, one of Christine Brown’s daughters. There were also more than 700 comments added to the post, and “Sister Wives” fans seemed excited to see Janelle taking this step.

“Go Janelle, it has been a breath of fresh air to see you and Christine take charge of your own happiness,” one fan wrote.

“OK great… now negotiate her and our other favorite sister wife Christine their own show! I’ve been waiting for it. Life after Kody??? Let’s go!” added another fan.

“I’m sure you can’t say a peep in regards to the show. I do hope you’re in an independent place [where] you’re kicking arse & taking names along the way!! Christine realizing her self worth, her self strength has been so inspirational! I know your journey will be just as inspirational if not more so!” someone else gushed.

‘Sister Wives’ Fans Have Been Rooting for Janelle to Follow Christine’s Path

Much of season 17 of “Sister Wives” has focused on Christine’s decision to leave Kody Brown and move back to Utah. Viewers have also seen Janelle make some changes and assert a bit more independence, and some fans have wondered if she may decide to leave Kody as well.

In fact, some “Sister Wives” fans suspect that has actually already happened. That speculation escalated recently when Logan Brown got married and photos hit social media. Kody and Robyn Brown sat together during the ceremony, and they were several rows back. Christine and Janelle, Logan’s mother, sat together in the front.

“Interesting that Kody and Janelle aren’t sitting together at their child’s wedding if they are indeed still together,” one fan noted on Reddit. Someone else responded, “Bet they split but were waiting to announce anything until after the wedding.”

“I don’t think you can get a more solid sign [than] her and Kody not sitting next to each other at their son’s wedding,” another “Sister Wives” fan suggested in another Reddit thread.

“I hope it’s a sign that she’s about to cash in on her moment in the sun post-Kody,” quipped someone else.

Is this change in representation a sign of Janelle splitting off from the rest of her “Sister Wives” family and doing her own thing? Eager fans will watch for more potential clues that is the case as the rest of season 17 plays out.

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