Josh Duggar’s Wife Anna Addresses the Judge Ahead of Child Pornography Sentencing

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Kris Connor/Getty Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar pose during the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Resort Hotel and Convention Center on February 28, 2015 in National Harbor, Maryland.

Josh Duggar’s wife Anna is standing by her husband and father of their seven children in a letter to a federal judge asking for their family to be reunited soon ahead of the former TLC star’s child pornography sentencing. Duggar’s mother and his father-in-law were also among family and friends to write letters asking an Arkansas federal judge for leniency for the former star of “19 Kids and Counting.”

The 34-year-old Duggar was found guilty of child pornography charges by a federal jury in December 2021. He is set to be sentenced on May 25, 2022. Federal prosecutors have asked for a 20-year sentence, while Duggar’s attorneys have requested five years, according to court documents obtained by Heavy. A court filing by Duggar’s attorneys includes 11 letters from supporters to U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks.

Duggar’s Wife Wrote ‘My Children & I Rely on Joshua for Financial, Emotional & Physical Support’

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GettyIn this handout photo provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, former television personality on “19 Kids And Counting” Josh Duggar poses for a booking photo after his arrest April 29, 2021 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Amy Duggar has been married to Josh Duggar for 13 years and his the mother of his seven children. She wrote in her letter to the judge, “Joshua and I met nearly 16 years ago. As our friendship grew over the next two years, I saw what I know to be even more true today—that Joshua is considerate, respectful, quick to forgive, patient, and genuinely the kindest person I know.” She added:

Joshua has worked hard to provide for me and our (now) seven children. But the happiest part of the day by far is when Daddy comes home from work, and his cheerful voice fills the house. ‘Hey, guys! How’s it going? What did you learn about in school today?’ are usually the conversation starters in between greeting each of our children. Joshua is an engaged dad who gladly throws a football with his sons, listens to our daughters play a new song they have learned on the piano, helps answer homework questions, or lends a hand sweeping up spilled crackers. He is a kind, loving, supportive, and caring father and husband—his primary focus in life.

My children and I rely on Joshua for financial, emotional, and physical support. Many others depend on Joshua, too. Joshua is a man who frequently volunteers his time, services, and resources, striving to contribute to our community and people in need.

She concluded, “Thank you, Your Honor, for taking these thoughts into consideration. Joshua is surrounded by people who will encourage him to continue to become the best man, father, and employer he can be. I ask that you consider reuniting us as a family again soon. I understand the seriousness of this matter, however, I respectfully ask that you take this letter into consideration when determining a fair sentence.”

Josh Duggar’s father-in-law, Michael Keller, wrote in a letter to the judge, “I have spent a lot of time watching Josh’s character over the years. He is very gentle, kind, and polite to everyone I’ve seen him in contact with. I have never seen him blow up in anger. … Dear Judge Brooks please be merciful to this young man that has a wife and seven children that love him and need him. He is truly a fantastic Daddy and he truly loves his family.”

Michelle Duggar, Josh’s mother, wrote the judge asking for a “fair and just sentence,” saying, “I want to make clear that Joshua has friends and family who will love and support him in his abilities to succeed as a husband, father, business owner and man both now and in the future!”

She also wrote that her son has a “tender heart and he is compassionate toward others. … He is a good provider for his family, working diligently and thinking of creative ways to support and take care of his wife and children. … As I look to his return, I stand ready to offer my continued love and encouragement to Joshua and his family and for their success in the future – together! We ask that he would be reunited with his wife and family in a timely manner.”

Duggar’s Cousin, Amy Duggar, Posted a Message to Anna on Instagram, Telling Her to Leave Him

Not every member of the Duggar family is standing by Josh Duggar ahead of his sentencing. His cousin, Amy King, wrote a post on Instagram addressed to Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, calling for her to leave her husband.

“I cried as I read the letter your own father wrote in support of your husband this week. It’s no wonder you’re struggling to know what to do to protect your own kids… you’ve obviously never had an example there. That’s awful and I’m so sorry for that,” she wrote. “But my Mom was a fierce protector and so am I. She showed me how to stand up and speak up. If no one else in your life is saying it, I need you to understand that there is no shame in divorcing Josh.”

She added, “Josh has chosen how history will remember him. By staying and supporting him you’re allowing him to choose that for you, too. And I know standing up to all of this seems impossible now, but as a Mama, your instinct to protect your kids always has to be stronger than your fear.”