Where Does ‘Rick and Morty’ Take Place?

Adult Swim Rick and Morty Season 5

After “Rick and Morty” Season 5 Episode 2 aired, many fans are wondering exactly where the series takes place. Where does Rick’s family live?

This article will have major spoilers for “Rick and Morty” Season 5 Episode 2. 

Fans Are Asking the Question After the Decoy Episode

The question about where Rick Sanchez and the Smith family live came up based on a comment that one of Rick’s decoys made during the episode. Summer-the-decoy mentioned that she never did feel like they were actually a Colorado family.

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We know that decoy-Summer was right to be skeptical about her family’s placement.  Rick (or, at least, one of the Ricks) said decoy families were planted all across the United States. This means that Colorado is most likely not where the Smith family truly resides.

Roiland Once Said They Lived in Washington

As it turns out, a different answer to the Smith family’s true location has been shared, depending on when you asked.

Back in 2016, Justin Roiland replied to one viewer and said that the Smith family lived in Washington state, outside of Seattle. The tweet he was replying to can’t be viewed by the public, but Heavy reviewed an old Reddit discussion thread where the tweet was linked to when fans were trying to determine where the Smiths lived.

But even then, some fans were confused. One person replied that they thought the Smiths were from the Midwest.

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And another fan replied that it was odd Shoneys was so important to Rick, since there is no Shoney’s in Washington state.

Beth Is Originally From Michigan, But the Midwest Has Also Been Mentioned

Beth is from Michigan, so this likely means that Rick lived there at some point in the past, even if the Smiths don’t live in Michigan now. In Season 1 Episode 5, Beth said that she was a bright-eyed girl from Muskegon, Michigan, Mix 95.7 reported.

Meanwhile, in Season 3 Episode 6, a character said to Morty: “You weren’t a 14-year-old boy from the Midwest who ran away from his family and capitalized on his lack on conscience by becoming a stockbroker?”

Mix 95.7 reported that Roiland was once on a live stream where he mentioned that the Smiths lived near Comedy Castle, located in Royal Oak, Michigan.

So why has Roiland been reported as saying that the Smiths lived in Washington at one point and another point said they lived in Michigan? Well, perhaps we can now chalk it all up to the decoys living in different parts of the United States.

One thing we can most likely ascertain: the real Smiths do not live in Colorado, since a decoy family was set up there. They most likely live in Michigan or Washington.

However, the latest episode also left fans with the question of exactly who the real Smiths are. More than likely, the real Smiths are the family we saw at the end of the episode who was flying in space with Space Beth. But of course, the episode also taught us to be careful about making assumptions regarding who is “real” and who isn’t. Maybe in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

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