Who Died on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 3?


Paramount A scene from Yellowstone.

When ”Yellowstone” season 4’s premiere ended, viewers were relieved to learn that not nearly as many characters died as they were worried about. But someone did die in episode 3 of season 4. Who was it? This is a look at who died on “Yellowstone” season 4 episodes 3.

This article will have major spoilers for season 4 episode 3. 

There Were Only Minor Deaths in This Episode

By the end of season 4 episode 2, we learned that John, Kayce, Rip, Jamie, and Jimmy all lived. The only characters who died last week were some of Roarke’s men, Carter’s dad, and a major character — Roarke himself. Things were different in season 4 episode 3.

The first set of people to die in this episode were members of the militia who tried to kill off the Dutton family and the members of their ranch. We see them slowly taken out one by one (or arrested) at the very beginning of the episode.

Then at the very end of the episode, we see the man from the casino die in a shootout with John Dutton. He was the man who was in the casino bragging about shooting John in the last episode. He had been hired by a man in prison that John didn’t recognize. John gave him a chance to live by having a shootout with him, but of course John ultimately prevailed.

3 New Characters Are Joining This Season

Three new major characters are joining “Yellowstone” in season 4. Whether they ultimately live or die remains to be seen.

Caroline Warner is a new character who is going to be a new tough face that the Dutton family must contend with. Jackie Weaver portrays her.

Weaver said about her role: “Caroline Warner is the CEO of the biggest investment company in the world. She’s come to town to straighten things out. … We’re going to have some fireworks soon. … They might have met their match with Caroline.”

Finn Little portrays Carter, who was also introduced in episodes 1 and 2 of the new season.

Little said about his character: “On my first day, I was taken to props, where I was given a selection of knives to choose for Carter. Everyone just said, ‘Welcome to ‘Yellowstone.’ … It was fun working with real cowboys. Because it’s a show about cowboys, it’s nice to have real cowboys on so they really know what they’re doing and they know the proper ways to do it. I’ve really enjoyed every moment of it.”

Another new character who didn’t appear in episodes 1 and 2 is Summer Higgens, portrayed by Piper Perabo. She’s an activist who arrives in Montana to discover something much bigger that she has to protect.

Perabo said about the character: “she starts to learn what’s going on and her plans get a lot bigger… This season there’s an airport that they’re trying to build and, although I was in the area doing protests, to protest the building of an airport is a much bigger deal and much more dangerous.”

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