Can You Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 on Paramount Plus, HBO Max, or Peacock?


Paramount Yellowstone

The new season of “Yellowstone” premieres on the Paramount TV channel tonight (Sunday, November 7) at 8 p.m. Eastern for two back-to-back episodes. But can you stream “Yellowstone” season 4 episodes 1 and 2 on the Paramount Plus streaming network, HBO Max, or on the Peacock streaming network?

Paramount Plus Will Not be Live Streaming New Season 4 Episodes of ‘Yellowstone’

Even though “Yellowstone” is airing on the Paramount TV channel, you won’t be able to stream the new episodes live on the Paramount Plus streaming network.

It may feel counterintuitive, but you’ll only be able to stream the episode on Paramount Network, not Paramount Plus. This means that you can watch it live on the Paramount Network’s website or on Paramount Network’s app if you have a cable login, but not on Paramount Plus, Decider reported. You’ll also be able to watch it the next day on Paramount’s website/app.

The back-to-back premiere episodes are airing on TV simultaneously on Paramount, TV Land, CMT, and POP TV. So you’ll also be able to stream them live on,, or CMT’s website if you have a cable subscriber login. Many of these websites also offer 24-hour streaming passes if you don’t have a login and want to try them out.

Paramount network also has streaming/delayed watching options with Philo TV, FuboTV, Vidgo, Sling Blue + Comedy Extra, Sling Orange + Comedy Extra, and Hulu with Live TV.

So once again, no you cannot stream the new episodes of Paramount’s “Yellowstone” season 4 on Paramount Plus, odd as that seems. You can stream it on Paramount’s regular streaming service for cable subscribers or on one of the other streaming services that offers the Paramount network.

Bob Bakish, ViacomCBS CEO, said when Paramount Plus was launching last year that they can’t secure the rights to all their major streaming TV shows, CNET reported. “It’s too much,” he said. Over time, the streaming strategy will be evolving in terms of licensing and content. However, some legacy deals that were in place before Paramount Plus launched (like Peacock’s deal with “Yellowstone”), will last for a while longer.

Interestingly, the “Yellowstone” sequel, “1883,” will be airing on Paramount Plus in December, even though “Yellowstone” itself won’t be there.

New ‘Yellowstone’ Episodes Won’t Be on Peacock’s Streaming Service

Although you can currently watch all the old “Yellowstone” episodes on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, you won’t be able to stream the new season 4 episodes live on Peacock as they air on TV, Collider reported.

Peacock launched for Comcast customers on April 15, 2020, as a sneak peek and then officially launched for everyone on July 15, 2020. Deadline reported that at the time of its launch, Peacock had an exclusive streaming deal for the drama. But despite this, the new episodes won’t be streaming on Peacock.

CNET reported that Peacock still has an exclusive streaming deal for the first three seasons of “Yellowstone.” The fourth season will be added to Peacock’s streaming service sometime after the season is over, just like season three.

‘Yellowstone’ Can’t Be Streamed on HBO Max

CNET reported that other ViacomCBS titles have similarly confusing streaming options. For example, “South Park” airs on Comedy Central, but can be streamed on HBO Max.

You might think this would mean that you can stream “Yellowstone” on HBO Max, but that’s not the case either. The Paramount series is not available via HBO Max even though some other ViacomCBS titles are.

In February, Taylor Sheridan inked a new deal with ViacomCBS, The Hollywood Reporter reported. This nine-figure deal extends Sheridan’s deal through 2028 and included a series order for the “Yellowstone” prequel, “1883.” The deal covers providing content for MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios. Platforms will include CBS, Paramount Network, Paramount+, and other ViacomCBS holdings.

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