10 Best Men’s Cuff Bracelets: Silver, Leather & More 2018

mens cuff bracelets


Wearing a men’s cuff bracelet is the same as wearing a men’s regular bracelet: it’s good looking, on-trend and a great addition to the wardrobe arsenal.

UPDATE: This post was updated June 25, 2018. We replaced a few models with better stuff and updated all pricing. Important note: these aren’t ranked, they’re just numbered for simplicity.

Men’s Cuff Bracelets: A Definition

Everyone knows what a bracelet is. A cuff bracelet is the same as that, only wider. Or, to be more accurate, it’s usually a bit wider. Some bracelet makers define a cuff bracelet based on the closure — the way the thing closes on your wrist. For our purposes, we’re defining cuff bracelets as a bracelet that’s just a bit wider than the regular bracelet.

For a look at a curated collection of men’s bracelets that aren’t cuff-style, take a look at our list of the Best Cool Men’s Bracelets 2018.

Not saying one is better than the other, but I think the men’s cuff bracelet brings a tiny bit more masculinity to the table because it is a bit wider. A cuff bracelet just has a bit more meat to it. A lot of guys go for that “bigger look” with regular bracelets by stacking them. That is, they’ll wear two or more pairs of bracelets on the same wrist. It’s usually a good, heavier look and with the cuff bracelet, you’re already part way there. With the way trends come and go and change, there may be a time when delicate men’s jewelry will be in. That time ain’t now so you’re in the right ballgame by taking a look here at the men’s cuff bracelets.

Because bracelets are such an everyday fashion item for the guys, all the pieces below work equally well for a casual look or something dressier. You may want to tend toward metal (silver or gold colors) for the dress up, but the leather and other materials would work just fine, too.

Bracelets have been a fashion thing for guys since ancient Egypt. We’re not trying to tell you to channel your inner pharaoh. We are telling you that bracelets for guys look great and you will, too, when you cop something from our list of the 10 Best Men’s Cuff Bracelets 2018.

1. Stunning Brown Gipsy Kings Style Men’s Leather Cuff Bracelet

urban jewelry stunning brown gipsy kings style leather cuff bracelet

Urban Jewelry

A wide brown all-leather cuff bracelet for men that features double crossing pattern accenting that runs the circumference of the piece. We’re not sure why it’s called Gipsy Kings Style — the Gipsy Kings are a longtime guitar and flamenco group from southern France. Still, any of the band members would look great in the piece, we do know that. The 8.6 inch length is adjustable, as there are three snap locations available.

This is a wide bracelet, at 1.3 inches. Urban Jewelry, which makes this piece, describes it as “the nutmeg brown pattern meet the silver studs where urban meets the wild.”

A great discount here, and it’s delivered in an Urban Jewelry branded gift box. Urban Jewelry is based in New York City. They make a wide range of men’s bracelets and other types of jewelry.

Price: $9.90 (70 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Gipsy Kings Style Men’s Leather Cuff Bracelet here.

2. Novica Men’s Silver Flowing Water Cuff Bracelet

Novica mens modern sterling silver woven 'flowing water' bracelet


There’s a lot of meaning behind this beautiful silver men’s cuff bracelet. Novica is associated with National Geographic and they work to bring consumers fair trade products. In this case, the Silver Flowing Water Cuff Bracelet is made by the Indonesian artist Komang Wijayana. The piece is .925 Sterling silver and it features the open band for easy on and off.

This is a solid sterling silver piece and it measures 6.75 inches end to end and it’s just about half-an-inch wide.

For more information on Novica, check out the organization’s mission statement. If you want to just get your fashion game going, click on the pic above or the buy below!

Price: $112.99

Buy the Novica Men’s Silver Flowing Water Cuff Bracelet here.

3. Konov Men’s Leather Cuff Bracelet

konov wide leather mens cuff bracelet


A masculine, wide men’s leather cuff bracelet made of leather with alloy accents. The base of the bracelet is almost two inches wide and it’s detailed with a split leather strap on top that’s held in place with hardware (rivets) and tonal stitching.

There are more than 250 customer reviews on this very popular piece, one of which gets down to the basics: “Most importantly: It looks really great, and that’s exactly what I wanted.”

This men’s cuff bracelet features two snap closure locations, so that gives a lot of flexibility for different wrist sizes. At its longest the bracelet is 8.5 inches long but it fits down to 7.5 inches.

The bracelet is offered at a great price, and is packaged in a velvet bag, so it’s a great gift idea, too.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Konov Men’s Leather Cuff Bracelet here.

4. Coolla Men’s Multi-color Rope and Leather Cuff Bracelet

coolla adjustable mens brown leather multicolor ropes bracelet


The primary feature of this men’s leather cuff bracelet is the multitude of bands that comprise the overall piece. The leather bracelet strap forms the foundation of the piece, but it’s the many different twines (multicolor ropes, according to Coolla, the manufacturer) that dominate the cuff bracelet’s overall appearance. In essence, the piece gives the appearance of a few stacked bracelets.

While this piece is a bit on the small side, it can be adjusted from the six inch smallest snap to a 7.5 inch snap location. There are a lot of photos in the reviews, so peep it and get this handmade bad boy on that wrist.

Price: $8.19

Buy the Coolla Men’s Multi-color Rope and Leather Cuff Bracelet here.

5. Cool Steel and Beyond Men’s Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet

cool steel and beyond mens grooved polished stainless steel bracelet

Cool Steel And Beyond

We do have to hand it to this outfit with the name: Cool Steel and Beyond. The way this bracelet is produced is somewhat unique in that it’s a very solid open-style piece.

The polished stainless steel bracelet comes in either black or gold (black is shown). it’s a very clean, simple men’s cuff bracelet that features the open ends, making it easy to get on and off. We do want to mention that several of the reviews talk about it running small (in fact, it’s a very normal sized 7.41 inch bracelet). Some of the reviewers say the piece is malleable enough that they can open it a bit wider when putting on and close it down a bit for safety. Comes in a very nice pouch and box so it’s a great gift idea.

Cool Steel and Beyond makes a handful of other models, including a stainless steel model that’s polished in very striking silver color.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Cool Steel and Beyond Men’s Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet here.

6. Coolla Men’s Leather, Rope, Beads Cuff Bracelet

coolla adjustable leather rope and wooden beads cuff bracelet


You could call this one a multi-media piece, as it’s got leather, beads, metal and twine in the make up. Basically, it’s three separate bracelets (all attached and actually comprising one bracelet): one is just a leather band; a second band is twisted rope withe metal and beadwork in the center and, finally, the third band is also leather, with more twine and metal and a leaf emblem secured into a metal ring.

Coolla presents this adjustable bracelet in a six to eight inch length. More than 90 reviews and they’re almost all super positive.

If the multi-media, “stacked look” pieces are your thing, FIBO Steel makes a range of them, all under $15. Most include leather, stones, twine and metal accents.

Price: $8.99

Buy the Coolla Men’s Leather, Rope, Beads Cuff Bracelet here.

7. Casoty Silver and Black Infinity Men’s Leather Cuff Bracelet

casoty love infinity cuff bracelet


Like the entry above, this is another tri-band men’s leather cuff bracelet. Or you could call it a men’s silver cuff bracelet because it’s just about 50/50 in terms of the amount of leather and the amount of metal.

The bands are leather, but the details — and the clasp — are metal alloy. Focal point on the wrist center is the eternity symbol, so it’s a good gift idea for that certain someone who’s part of your life for now (and with an eye toward forever). The eternity symbol is set off on either side by three different shaded metal beads. The two outside bands feature metal accents the further strengthen the silver focus in that part of the bracelet. A very good looking piece but make sure that its long length (8 inches) will accommodate your wrist.

Casoty says that the metal “is very low maintenance and will outlast other metal types without the worry of it losing its shine or fading in color.”

Price: $8.75

Buy the Casoty Silver and Black Infinity Men’s Leather Cuff Bracelet here.

8. Ostan Men’s Stainless Steel Dragon Cuff Bracelet

ostan mens double head dragon stainless steel cuff bracelet


This may be a good gift for the Game of Thrones fan or it might just be good for any reason whatsoever! Twin dragon heads form the ends of this open ended men’s silver cuff bracelet.

It’s a stainless steel intertwined design and it’s highly polished so it’s pretty bright in appearance. This one comes in silver color or stainless silver/gold or stainless gold color. If you want to check out another dragon themed men’s bracelet, take a look at the eighth piece in this list of the 10 Best Cool Men’s Bracelets.

This bracelet gets really good reviews: more than 65 customer comments with a 4.1 out of 5-star rating average. One reviewer says: “This is a manly piece of jewelry that is casual or could be dressed up depending on the occasion. It definitely imparts a classy kind of swagger to a man.”

Price: $15.90

Buy the Ostan Men’s Silver Dragon Cuff Bracelet here.

9. Giles and Brother Men’s G&B Tag with Hinge Hematite ID Cuff Bracelet

giles and brother mens g and b tag with hinge hematite id cuff bracelet

Giles & Brother

Giles and Brother does its — or, rather, their, since it’s a sister and brother team — thing from New York. Philip Crangi is the designer; he trained at the Rhode Island School of Design and has made pieces for Coach, Jason Wu and others. He and his sister, Giles, started their collaboration in 2001.

This piece is pure brass, but it’s coated in hematite, which is a reddish-black iron ore. The ID plate is securely attached to the cuff on one side whle the other side is the closure: it simply allows you to pop the opposite end of the ID plate over a curved peg. The inside of the cuff features stamped and inscribed logo and design work from G&B.

According to energymuse.com, hematite provides centering and calm feelings. Okay, that’s a bonus. The fact is that you’ll feel and look good with this great looking piece on the wrist.

Price: $180

Buy the Giles and Brother Men’s G&B Tag with Hinge Hematite ID Cuff Bracelet here.

10. Turquoise Skies Genuine Navajo Sterling Silver Stamped Cuff Bracelet

turquoise skies genuine navajo sterling silver stamped cuff bracelet

Turquoise Skies

This is a fantastic looking piece with a pedigree. It’s handmade by Navajo jewelry artist Raymondo Joe, who crafts his pieces in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company is a small business that features artists who live in the Southwest Pueblos and Native reservations. Their mission is to “preserve the future of Native American art and culture.” The artist says this piece “expresses the essence of empowerment.”

As for the bracelet itself, it’s sterling silver .925. It’s half-an-inch wide and it comes in a variety of sizes to fit any wrist. The sizes range from “tiny” to “huge.” The stamp work on the bracelet has the “empowerment” symbol in the middle and the stamp work continues along the cuff, which the artist says is “representing the low of energy.”

Ships in a “beautiful genuine leather medicine pouch.” Turquoise Skies makes a wide variety of artistic jewelry, from bracelets to earrings to necklaces.

Price: $119 (depending on size selected)

Buy the Turquoise Skies Genuine Navajo Sterling Silver Stamped Cuff Bracelet here.

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