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13 Best Vampire Costumes for the Whole Family

Everyone loves a vampire costume because vampires have been haunting our dreams for thousands of years with tales dating back to ancient Babylonia. Stories of vampiric creatures can be found in hundreds of cultures across the globe. Because it’s such a classic choice, when you dress up as a vampire, you want to be the best vampire in the room–the one that turns heads. So I’ve pulled together the best vampire costumes for adults, children, and infants.

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To be an eye-catching vampire you need three things: good makeup, good fangs, and a great costume. The costume we've covered above, but let's go over the other two real quick.


Without killer vampire makeup, let's be honest, you might just look like a goth--which is fine but probably not what you're going for. There are endless numbers of amazing vampire makeup tutorials that you can find online, like this YouTube tutorial for a creepy, veiny vampire look.

A basic guideline is you want your skin a few shades lighter than normal, dark hollows under the eyes, and some fake blood never hurts.

For a vampire, I would recommend this Professional Face and Body Paint Palette by CCBeauty because it gives you a wide range of colors in a medium that's easy to work with.

For fake blood, it really depends on the look you're going for. If you want your blood to be terrifyingly realistic and wet, go for Mehron's Stage Blood in Dark Venous for fresh blood look. For young kids, stick with a good face paint to prevent smearing and staining.


This depends on the age bracket you're working with. Adults can go for individual fangs that you mold to fit your teeth. Scarecrow is the best brand for this and I recommend the Scarecrow Small Vampire Teeth if you're going for a natural look or don't love the idea of talking around big fangs.

For kids, you want something they can't accidentally swallow so full mouth teeth is the way to go. The classic Glow in the Dark Vampire Fangs is a safe bet and has the benefits of being cheap and they glow in the dark which is always awesome.

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