Best Bamboo Underwear: 15 Comfy Options for Women

When you want to stay cool and comfy down under, kick those bulky cotton and suffocating synthetic panties to the curb in lieu of some breathable bamboo underwear. Bamboo viscose is super lightweight, extremely breathable, naturally moisture-wicking and antibacterial.

This sustainable fabric choice has a mostly green footprint because bamboo can be continually re-harvested. Another thing we think you’ll love knowing is that your fave bamboo undies are actually biodegradable once you’ve worn them out. But no worries, these have a long shelf life and handle machine washing just fine.

We’ve found great panties for pregnant and plus size women, as well as teeny bikinis, hipsters, high waist styles and even period panties, that are leak-proof and allow you to ditch your pads, panty liners and tampons altogether. Another green option we think is genius.

Because bamboo fabric feels lighter and silkier than cotton, is a seriously comfortable choice for clothing – from panties and bras to tanks, tees and more. And if you’re already a bamboo panty convert, you might also want to consider our recommendations for the best bamboo pajamas..

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