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15 Best High Waisted Mom Jeans You’ll LOVE

Don’t let the name fool you: mom jeans are totally cool. With a high-waisted fit that’s slim through the hips – but not too skinny! – these jeans have found new life in recent years thanks to designers adding some modern twists to this classic style.

Our list of the best high-waisted mom jeans features figure-flattering cuts made by iconic brands known for making some seriously awesome denim. We’ve even included some awesome plus-size options, too. The perfect bottom layer for all those sweaters, plaid shirts, and trendy jackets, these high-waisted mom jeans are a serious wardrobe must-have, ladies!

So, whether you’ve been searching for a new pair of crazy good jeans to rock this season, or you just want to make sure your “mom style” is on point, read on.

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Mom Jeans? Boyfriend-Style? Girlfriend-Cut? Seriously, What's The Difference?

Does the denim talk make you dizzy? You're not alone. There's a lot of denimology happening in the jean aisle these days. Have no fear! We're here to break it down for you:

  • The Boyfriend - a more relaxed fit that doesn't hug the body like the classic skinny jean does. It's meant to look a little bit baggy and oversized, too. Fun fact: Marylin Monroe made this look famous in the 1960s.
  • The Girlfriend - the feminine version of the boyfriend cut, this girlfriend style hugs the body a little more and sits higher on the hip, too. It's a little more flattering as well.
  • The Mom Jean - a classic for sure! This style was first made popular in the 1980s and 1990s thanks to, you guessed it, moms! And, if you're thinking about that Saturday Night Live skit - have a laugh but then forget about it! The updated version is completely stylish and figure-flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Known for its ankle length, high waist, and ability to make your torso appear longer, this cut truly shows off your best features. A favorite by designers, it's no surprise it's back in style

How To Style Mom Jeans

Mom jeans might be one of the most versatile denim styles on the market right now. Easy to dress up or down, this jean works for those more casual days at the office, an afternoon brunch, or for a night on the town. It's all in how you style them. These jeans look great with oversized blazers, sweaters, cute tops, booties, high-heels - the possibilities are endless!

Definitely a wardrobe staple that goes with everything.

The Great 90s Comeback

The 90s are having a bit of a moment in 2020 - and it's not just high-waisted mom jeans, either.

We've all heard it before: fashion is cyclical. Styles and trends have a way of coming back years later and some of the most iconic fashion statements from the 90s are currently having a resurgence in popularity. Between everyday streetwear and the runways, we've seen a lot of nostalgia walking around.

Cardigans, sheer dresses, cargo pants, chokers, thick headbands, bike shorts, fanny packs, denim jackets, and countless other clothing items and accessories, are all gaining fans with younger generations. It also helps that designers are breathing new life into old concepts and reimagining them with modern-day touches.

So, whether you're a kid from the 90s or just wishing you were, there's plenty of totally awesome throwback styles to choose from.

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