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21 Best Trucker Hats for Men: The Ultimate List

If you’re new to the world of trucker hats for men, you should know right off the top: they’re a really cool look. From actors to musicians to regular Joes these hats are extremely popular and stand the test of time. Even though this ultimate list is compiled of the best trucker hats for men, most of these options are available in unisex styles and sizes. Add some dopeness to your hat collection ASAP.

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Trucker Hats: A Quick History

According to Trucks.com, cheap trucker hats were mass-produced in the 1980s (or as early as the 60s, depending on where your research takes you) by companies like John Deere and given away as promotional items. In fact, they were sometimes known as "gimme hats."

The next phase in THT (trucker hat history) was in the early 2000s when shows like The Simple Life (with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie) and Punk'd (with Ashton Kutcher) were popular. The hosts of those shows often wore cheap (or not-so-cheap) trucker hats and a trend was established. Celebrities bust out the trucker hats, they're a thing. To bring things up to date, one of the Kardashian clan has been seen sporting the hats, so has The Beebs, and so has rapper Lil Uzi Vert. The trucker hat remains a thing.

The prices are all pretty good on this list. There's a reason that people talk about the "cheap trucker hat." Some of them are very affordable, but some of them are a little more expensive, especially if they're organic. (You read that right. No spoilers here, but one of the hats in the list is organic.)

Whatever hat you choose from our list of the 21 Best Trucker Hats for Men: The Ultimate List, wear it proudly cuz you're the star of your own show.