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The 50 Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Boys

Finding the best gifts for 19-year-old boys can be a real puzzle, especially when their interests are as diverse as they are at this age. Whether you’re searching for what to get a 19-year-old boy for Christmas, a special birthday surprise, or something unique for a college student, our Shopping Editor has meticulously selected a range of options. This guide is tailored to help you discover cool gifts for 19-year-olds that go beyond the ordinary and truly resonate with their evolving tastes and preferences.

Our list includes a variety of gifts that cater to different personalities and interests. From the latest tech gadgets that appeal to the tech-savvy teen to practical items for the gifts for 19-year-old male college student, each choice is designed to be both exciting and useful. We understand that you don’t really get toys for 19-year-olds in 2023, right? That’s mostly true. So, we’ve focused on gifts that reflect their journey into adulthood while still capturing the fun and excitement of this age.

Whether he’s into gaming, sports, music, or fashion, our selection ensures that you’ll find something that will not only surprise him but also add value to his daily life. This guide is your go-to resource for finding a gift that’s both thoughtful and cool, making any occasion memorable for that special 19-year-old in your life.

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Why are 19-Year-Old Boys so Hard to Shop For?

The biggest reason 19-year-old boys are hard to shop for is that most of them have everything they need. Or at least they think they have everything they need. Once they start looking around for what they want they end p stumbling upon a few ideas that you would have never thought of. This list is filled with gift ideas that are guaranteed to make his day. From the thoughtful to the insanely cool and techy these gifts are all really great investments. 

There is a certain "wow" factor that goes along with these gifts. You want to see their face light up and watch them jump around in sheer joy after presenting them with their gift. 

What Makes a Great Gift for a 19-Year-Old Boy?

Getting them something that they have wanted and asked for relentlessly is always a step in the right direction. Putting a lot of thought and care and effort into the gift buying process is also a smooth move. Getting them something that will make their lives easier or better in a way is probably the best attribute to the perfect gift. Maybe it is something that they didn't even think of. Maybe it is something that got great reviews or something that is selling out like crazy. There are a lot of things that make a great gift great, and this list is full of great gift ideas.

When shopping for a truly great gift take into consideration what the person really wants and needs. Most of the time they want and the need overlap and you can check two boxes at once. Let's say your 19-year-old is really into video games. One of the biggest and best gift ideas for the gamer is a new laptop. Faster tech, cleaner graphics, and more memory make up the new age gaming laptops. This laptop from the computer giant Acer is made for bigger video game fans. You boy will definitely thank you a million times over for this amazing gift!

Keeping on the video game theme there has been a revolution in the portable game world and it is all thanks to Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch takes gaming to an even more competitive level. Your 19-year-old will love playing against friends and family whether at his dorm, at home, or traveling. on vacation. Give them the opportunity to take the action wherever they go.

Looking for a safe bet when buying a great gift? Guys have changed a lot over the past 100 years and the majority of younger men take really good care of themselves. They have morning and evening routines that include taking care of their facial hair, styling their hair, and smelling fantastic. Get them a skincare gift basket that has all of their favorite items. They will smell great and feel rejuvenated every time they use it and they will be thankful every single day because of it.