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25 Best Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters This Season

Even Jesus isn’t safe from your totally tacky tastes in holiday fashion. If you’re looking to dress your most obnoxiously offensive at the next ugly sweater party, these nightmarish knits guarantee that you will, indeed, win the award for political incorrectness at every level.

Check out these awesomely inappropriate Christmas sweaters for all your holiday outings and grab a few as special gifts for someone you love (or don’t!)

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Why Are Ugly Christmas Sweaters So Popular?

According to writer Jake Lauer, our society has become somewhat obsessed with both irony and nostalgia. We love to look at the good old days as something to harken back to but also something to poke fun at.  

Right now, during the rush of the holiday season, it's pretty easy to feel stressed and pinched for time, but an ugly or inappropriate Christmas sweater will give you a belly laugh as well as anyone who happens to catch you wearing one.

What's the Difference Between an Ugly and Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters?

All inappropriate Christmas sweaters are ugly, but not all ugly Christmas sweaters are inappropriate. Purely ugly knitwear might be tacky, trashy, and over the top, but our inappropriate sweaters cross the line - they run headling into political incorrectness.

Whether it's Santa behaving badly, furry fornicating creatures, snowmen with carrot envy, or Jesus partying like a madman on his birthday, our inappropriate Christmas sweaters aren't for the faint of heart. These are the "not suitable for work" options, and they'll garner the most laughs and sideways glances.

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