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19 Best Winter Sneakers for Men: The Ultimate List

A lot of guys trade in their dope sneakers for heavy winter boots when the temperature drops and winter hits. While this can be a good move fashion-wise, it may be unnecessary. There are some amazing winter sneakers in this ultimate list that will serve the same purpose. Here are the best winter sneakers for men based on our extensive research, to help you buy the freshest sneakers at the best price for your budget.

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Materials to Consider

Leather is going to be the number one material to keep an eye out for. Most shoe leathers are incredibly durable and will last a long time. Any other material is fine but makes sure you get something warm that is also weatherproof. You want shoes that don't soak up water you want shoes that repel water. Get something stylish that will make it through all kinds of temperatures and weather.

Pro Tips

Style is the biggest hurdle to leap over. A lot of these cold-weather sneakers are going to be brown or plain black. If you can find some kicks that are those things while also being different and stylish then you have won the sneaker lottery. Most of the designs are going to be comfortable because of the extra insulation. The fur lining is definitely a great choice if you're in a geographical location where the winters are colder than normal.