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15 Best Wrap Coats You’ll LOVE

Get wrapped up in the latest trend that’s really more of an all-time classic in the making: wrap coats. Nicknamed the “robe coat,” this style trades buttons and zippers for belts that cinch shut for looks that are incredibly figure-flattering. And, yes, they are as cozy, cute, and comfortable as the name suggests.

Our list of the best women’s wrap coats features timeless styles, modern twists, plus-size options, wool coats, and fun-for-fall patterns. Looks that, like the trenchcoat, are just as perfect for nights out as they are for running errands. Throw on, wrap up, and get moving with your day in one of these fashionable picks. For all the details, read on.

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Why Buy A Wrap Coat?

If you're always on the hunt for figure-flattering styles that show off your best assets, you're going to want to know about wrap coats. 

Designed to be "throw on and go" pieces, wrap coats are basically more professional-looking robes. No, seriously; they are.

Lacking buttons, zippers, and other traditional coat closures, wrap coats literally wrap around you like a bathrobe and are cinched shut with a self-tie belt. Cute, cozy, and comfortable, they're a favorite for the way they define your waist and highlight your natural silhouette. 

Available in a variety of lengths and fabrics, there's a wrap coat for every season and style. Many of the options available today are wool coats, perfect for fall and winter, and as the season's progress, lighter materials and trenchcoat styles will take center stage.

An outfit-maker and ideal top layer for sure, wrap coats are definitely a wardrobe must-have.

Wrap It Up: Wearing Wrap Coats

Blending sophistication and casualness together, wrap coats offer a natural versatility that some other top layers don't. With endless style possibilities, this is a look that's just as perfect for work and parties as it is for a day of errands and harvest festivals. And, that's why we love it so much: it just works with everything and in every situation.

Dress it up, style it down, the decision is yours, but here are some things to keep in mind as you "throw on and go" this season:

Tied or Untied? - while this might not be the biggest debate at the moment, part of what makes the wrap coat so dang versatile is whether you go full-on wrap or leave it open. The decision really depends on the situation. How cold is it? What are you wearing underneath? Where are you going? Tieing the belt is more in-line with how the look is meant to be styled - especially when the weather has turned for the worse. But, if you have a killer dress on underneath and the sun is shining, think about leaving it untied, or just leaving the tie at home. Sometimes you want to flaunt those looks you're layering over.

Keep It Cozy - many of the wool wrap coats featured on our list are perfect for fall and winter. Warm and fashionable, these coats don't sacrifice their charm in an effort to fight off the weather. To keep the look truly comfortable, think about layering your wrap coat over sweaters and jeans. Heck, even a hoodie brings some playfulness to an outfit. Style it up with a scarf and some cute block heel booties and be on your way.

Class It Up - without all those buttons and zippers, wrap coats easily layer over nicer outfits without adding any bulk. Easy to slip on and off, this coat is ideal for nights out where you're rocking dresses and heels. So, whether it's date night or happy hour with the girls, make sure you're wrapped up in something nice.

A Fall Favorite For Sure

Confession: fall is our favorite. Between the crisp mornings, warm flavors, and all those colors, fall is just the best. It's okay if you disagree - we see all you summer people out there. But, there's just something about sweaters, cozy coats, and apple cider that gives us all the feels.

If you're planning out your fall wardrobe and picking up some new pieces to complete those perfectly layered looks, make sure a wrap coat is part of your vision. Versatile and stylish, these coats layer beautifully over patterned looks, cable knits, jeans of all styles, dresses, and all your other fall favorites.

Definitely a must-have essential for any gal on the go this season.

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