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It is no secret that sticking to a fitness routine can be challenging. There will always be excuses not to work out, whether you don’t have time, you are too tired, or you simply can’t make it to the gym. But what if there was a way to make working out more accessible and convenient? With Future, there is! 

What is Future? 

Future is a workout program that pairs you one-on-one with your own fitness coach, who will provide unlimited personal training and all the support you need to stay on track, all through their app. Your Future coach is a real person who is invested in your success and ready to provide their expertise and support throughout your experience. 

The best part about Future is that your coach is designing workouts just for you, based on your goals, and knows how to balance consistency and motivation. With new workouts delivered straight to your phone every week, you will always have something new to look forward to – and with the support of your coach, you will be motivated to stick with it! Future provides unparalleled flexibility, so whether you work out at the gym, outside, on the go, or at home, your coach will adjust your plan to wherever you are that day or week, so you’ll never have to miss a workout. 

Now imagine you have a personal coach who is always there for your every need, no matter the time of day or how busy life gets. A Future Coach will be just that—a positive force in your life, providing guidance and support as needed through the app with ease. Future coaches love building relationships with their clients and take your goals as seriously as you do.

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Holding yourself accountable is critical to achieving any goal, but it is imperative when it comes to fitness goals. A recent article from Psychology Today notes that people who exercised with a partner are more likely to stick with their routine over a longer period of time than those who do it alone.

The same goes for working with a personal trainer or other fitness professional. Having someone invested in helping you reach your goals makes all the difference. That is where Future comes in. Their team of expert coaches will design a personalized plan for achieving your fitness goals and then check in with you every day to ensure that you are on track. You will quite literally have someone cheering for you every single step of the way. They’re constantly innovating to offer their clients the best possible experience.

A future coaching experience unlike any other awaits those ready to take advantage. The Future app celebrates wins big & small, pushes their clients when motivation hits rock bottom, and takes personal responsibility for YOUR success. 

Because with Future, accountability matters. Your coach will check in with you daily to see how your workouts are going and offer support when needed. They will also track your progress over time to see just how far you have come! If you feel like you are plateauing or not seeing results as quickly as you would like, just reach out to Future and they’ll help you switch things up.

You can try Future risk-free for the first 30 days so if for some reason, the program is not working or just not what you are looking for, there’s absolutely nothing holding you back from canceling after only 1 month for a full refund. You also have access to change coaches at any time without penalty. The normal cost of the monthly membership is $149/mo, but for a limited time you can try your first month on Future for just $19, just use this link here

A Future Member Shared Her Experience Using the App:

“Future completely tailored to my needs and goals. My trainer adjusts the workouts for my injuries and switches things up when my work/life schedule changes. I’ve never been interested in having an Apple Watch, but now I love it because it keeps me honest and gets me out of my office chair to stand, move around, and make sure I get enough steps each day. In this short time, I’ve got motivation and momentum and am seeing progress with body strength and fitness. I can only say good about this app and trainer. Don’t wait! Get started and start to feel fantastic.”

How Future Works

First, you should probably know a little bit about how Future works.

  • Select a Coach: when you sign up for Future, they will pair you with the perfect coach to help you set and achieve your fitness goals. You’ll download the app and schedule a quick intro call with your coach, where you’ll talk about your goals, schedule, and what type of workouts you would enjoy.
  • Make a Plan: Your coach will create a complete training plan based on your goals and schedule. Each week, you’ll have new guided workouts in the Future app ready for you to tackle.
  • Break A Sweat: Get started with your workouts. Work out as much as you want, when you want. Provide feedback to your coach directly in the app, such as when you loved a workout or when you need a rest day. 
  • Track and Refine: With detailed insights, you and your coach can track your progress, celebrate achievements, and perfectly tune your routine over time.

Get Your 1st Month of Future For $19 Here

Does Future Work With iPhone?

Yes, Future is available for iPhones.

Does Future Work with Android?

No, Future is not available for Android users just yet. Only iPhones can download and install the Future app.

How to Sign-Up For Future

  1. Go here to try your first month on Future for just $19
  2. Answer the quick survey questions to get matched with a coach
  3. Select one of the offered coaches
  4. Fill out the online form below
  5. Hit Checkout, download the app, and schedule your initial call with your coach. 

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