E3 2013: Top 10 Rumors You Need to Know

E3 2013

E3 2013 is right around the corner, which means a bunch of rumors are circulating all over the internet about this massive gaming gathering. We sorted out 10 of the juiciest rumors for you gamers out there who just can’t wait for next week’s event. Let’s hope at least half of these rumors come true…

1. The Xbox Games List Points to a Sequel of an N64 Platforming Mascot

E3 2013

The Xbox One is coming to E3, which means a whole new slate of games is coming along witH it. Microsoft’s press conference may even feature the 15 games that were mentioned during the console’s initial announcement.

A recent photo seen on NeoGaf may have revealed some of the games that will be on hand for the system’s press conference. The photo shown above contains the logo of a familiar N64 platforming series, which is now owned by RareBanjo-Kazooie.

Will this finally be the sequel that fans of the first two games have been waiting for? Maybe. There are two other games in that photo that also point to a few surprising sequels that are much anticipated. For the full leaked games list (courtesy of Softpedia) for the Microsoft press conference, look below:

Halo 5
Killer Instinct
Banjo Kazooie 4: Grunty Land
Forza Motorsport 5
Quantum Break
Halo: Spartan Assault
Fable 4
Crackdown 3
Dead Rising 3
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Battlefield 4
The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
Dying Light
Prey 2
Homefront 2
Beyond Good & Evil 2
Mirror’s Edge 2
Rainbow 6: Patriots
Brothers in Arms
League of Legends

2. Halo 5 WILL Be Shown

E3 2013

According to the good folks at BubbleWS, Halo 5 will definitely make an appearance at E3 2013:

Halo 5 WILL be shown at E3 2013, according to a representative from 343. The game, which is believed to have been in development before Hal 4 had even been released, was missed from Microsoft’s Event last week which was showing off the Xbox One. No specific details have been revealed yet, nor have any leaked. At this point, it is a good thing as it means that we will see everything for the first time at E3. I for one am excited, and I can’t wait to see what has been cooking. Naturally, the game will be an Xbox One game, but it is unclear whether it will make the cross-generation risk, and invite itself to the Xbox 360. Time will tell, so for now we will have to wait.

3. Mirror’s Edge 2 May Be Unveiled

E3 2013

Over the past couple of months, some news has made the rounds about a sequel to EA’s underrated first-person action/adventure, Mirror’s Edge. EA themselves have led more credibility to the rumors about the game after they accidentally went live with the forum section for the game earlier this week. Ubergizmo provided a nice summary of the possibility of Mirror’s Edge 2 being a real thing:

The other day EA accidentally allowed the forum section for Mirror’s Edge 2 to go live, which was then quickly shut down, more or less confirming the existence of the game. Well for those who need further proof that the company could be announcing the sequel to Mirror’s Edge in the near future, it looks like the publisher has registered the domain names for Mirror’s Edge 2. The domains were registered back in 2008 but were recently updated in May 2013, suggesting that EA could be working on something soon.



It looks like Capcom is ready to unveil another entry in its bio-terrorism series, Resident Evil. A post surface over on Boxden, which shows the possible cover art for the Resident Evil 7. This could either be the actual starting box art or an amazing PhotoShop job. See for yourselves and draw your own conclusions, folks…

5. The Xbox One Tech Specs Will Be Announced As Having A Few Changes

E3 2013

One rumor that seems to point to the Xbox One’s tech is the fact that the the system’s GPU clocks will be downgraded. NeoGaf posted this bit of news on the situation (which could be made public during Microsoft’s presentation):

GPU clocks downgraded; 8-900 gigaflops now (SenjutsuSage passionately disputes this, and seems pretty sure of himself, so here’s hoping)

6. The Last Guardian Will Be Announced As A PS4 Release

E3 2013

NeoGaf has done it again – they’ve posted a possible list of the games that will make an appearance during the Sony press conference. One of those games is the oft-delayed project from the developers of PS2’s IcoThe Last Guardian. The game was revealed to the gaming public at E3 2009, but any updates regarding the game’s release date and development have been sparse. Check out the other games that may be shown during Sony’s E3 2013 presentation below:

– Final Fantasy Versus XIII changes into Final Fantasy XV, exclusive
– Planetside II console exclusive
– PS+ = Early access to Sony Pictures films, free PS1/PS2 games over Gakai
– Kingdom Hearts 2.5 for PS4? Due in 2014
– Demon Soul’s 2 in development (not sure if this or KH will be at E3, but just in case)

7. Nintendo is Revealing A New Zelda and Retro Studios Project

E3 2013

The same NeoGaf post that lifted the lid on Sony’s E3 games also listed Nintendo’s gaming reveals. Two of those games are slated to be a new Legend of Zelda and a new IP from Retro Studios:

– Star Tropics by Retro Studios
– Mario Kart Wii U (literally a souped up Mario Kart 7)
– Zelda U MAY have some concept art, but game is too far away for much to be shown at the moment
– Super Mario U (biggest Mario yet, the guy gave the title ‘Super Mario Retroverse U’, to tell us a name for the game they were considering to give us an idea where they’re going with it, but that WON’T be the final name. You may see Wart)

WiiUDaily posted up a bunch of more info regarding some of the titles listed above:

– 3D Mario will be “huge, bigger than any Mario game to date” and looks “unlike anything you’ve ever seen”
– Retro’s new game will be first person, futuristic, and something everyone wants them to do
– When asked if “a certain Super Saiyan” would join Smash Bros (since Namco is involved), he said it “hasn’t been decided yet, but there is a chance”

8. Ubisoft Will Be Showing Off Its New Racing Game

E3 2013

Nintendo Everything released the news about a report that claims that Ubisoft is in the midst of creating a new racing franchise called The Crew. The game is rumored to be landing on both current-gen and next-gen consoles. Ivory Studios, the rumored developers behind the game, are also being reported to be showing the game at this year’s E3.

9. The Xbox One Price May Finally Be Announced

The video above was released by Microsoft in anticipation of the Xbox 360/Xbox One news coverage for E3 2013. Check out the article below for some information regarding the Xbox One’s pricing and the announcement regarding it at E3 2013:

10. The Full List of Games That Will Be Shown Has Been Leaked

The list seen below (courtesy of Press-Start) points to all the games that will be on display at E3 2013:

Destiny [2013]
Dragon Age 3 – Inquisition [2014]
Dying Light [2013-11-30]
EA Sports NBA Live [2014]
EA Sports UFC [2013]
FIFA 14 [2013]
Forza 5 [2013]
Madden NFL 25 [2014]
Mass Effect 4 [2014]
Mirror’s Edge 2 [2015]
Need For Speed Rivals [2013]
Project Gotham Racing 5 [2014]
Quantum Break [2014]
Ryse [Kinect 2013]
Sniper Elite 3 [2014]
The Evil Within [2014]
Need For Speed [2014]
Persona 5 [2015]
Red Dead Redemption 2 [2015]
Saints Row 5 [2015]
Sleeping Dogs 2 [2014]
SOCOM [2015]
Star Wars 1313 [2014]
Tekken [2015]
The Last Guardian [2014]
The Witness [2014]
Thief [2013]
Uncharted 4 [2015]
Unreal Tournament [2015]
Watch Dogs [2013]
Whore of the Orient [2013]
Fallout [2015]
Final Fantasy XV [2013]
God of War [2013]
Gran Turismo 6 [2014]
Human Element [2014]
Infamous Second Son [2014]
Just Cause 3 [2014]
Killzone Shadow Fall [2014]
Knack [2014]
Legacy of Kane [2014]
Little Big Planet 3 [2014]
Metal Gear Solid V [2014]
Motorstorm [2014]
Naruto [2015]
Agent [2015]
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag [2013]
Batman Arkham 3 [2015]
Battlefield 4 [2014]
Beyond Good and Evil 2 [2014]
Borderlands 3 [2015]
Call of Duty – Ghosts [2013]
Castlevania [2014]
Deep Down [2014]
Demon’s Souls 2 [2014]
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 2 [2015]
Diablo 3 [2014]
Dragon’s Dogma 2 [2014]
Driveclub [2014]
Evolve [2014]
F1 2014 [2014]
The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt [2014]
Wolfenstein – The New Order [2013]
Yakuza 6 [2015]