Ultra Street Fighter 4: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ultra Street Fighter 4

EVO 2013 was more than hype, wasn’t it? The best players in the fighting game community all converged in one spot for the biggest fighting game tournament ever. During this massive tournament, several video game companies took the time to make some major announcements.

Capcom, who’s well known in the FGC, surprised everyone in attendance by unveiling the next update for its long running Street Fighter 4 series – Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Here’s everything you need to know about the character patches, new characters, new stages and planned release schedule.

1. Major Balance Changes Are Being Planned for the Game’s Roster

Capcom and the longtime producer behind the series, Yoshinori Ono, have listened to all the fans and made sure to offer some balance changes for Ultra Street Fighter 4. Every character in the game will come with several new additions (faster charging, lower damage output, health increases etc.) EventHubs.com posted the full list of character changes and other balance updates that’s planned to come.

The video shown above is just a portion of the EVO 2013 Capcom panel, while the video below is the full panel presentation:

The video you’ll watch below reveals the two newest system changes coming to the game – Red Focus Attacks and Double Ultras:

2. 5 New Characters Are Being Added

Five new characters will be presented for this update of the game (click on each new combatant’s name to see their solo trailer):






3. 6 New Stages Are Also Coming

Ultra Street Fighter 4

Along with new characters, six new stages will be transported over from Street Fighter X Tekken to Ultra Street Fighter 4:

Half Pipe

Cosmic Elevator

Mad Gear Hideout

Jurassic Era Research Facility

Blast Furnace

Pitstop 109

4. Brand New Modes Are Coming As Well

During the trailer for the game, Capcom revealed that a host of new features and playable game modes will be a part of this release. You can check out some of the new modes being added to the already expansive Street Fighter 4 modes seen in the offline/online modes.

One of the new modes that has been revealed is “Edition Select,” which lets players play with past SF4 versions of each character. If you want to dominate with SF4 Sagat or Arcade Edition Yun, now you have the choice to do so.

Check out the trailer for this new mode below:

5. It Will Be Released As A Digital Download and Retail Release

In June and August of 2014, Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be available on several platforms as a digital upgrade download (June 3 for PS3, June 4 for Xbox 360) and a physical retail release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 (August 5).

The DLC version will cost $15, while the standalone retail release will cost $40. The physical release will feature all of the DLC costumes from past versions of the game, as well as new DLC costumes for all the new characters.

Check out the pre-order DLC outfits and Ultra moves for the four revealed characters we’ve seen thus far below (you can see these characters and their dope outfits in the video seen above and below, too):

Ultra Street Fighter 4

Head to the next page to take a look at the official arcade poster!

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