What is Angry Birds?: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Angry Birds

We’re sure the entire universe has played Angry Birds at least once in their lifetime.

The simple mechanic of launching wingless birds at piggies and building blocks has become one of the most addictive mobile gaming experiences…EVER! It’s pretty hard to keep track of all the spin-off’s, parodies, toys, clothing and movie/TV projects that this game has left in its wake. We’re hear to clear up all the confusion surrounding this major franchise.

Here’s the top 10 facts you need to know about this mobile video game smash hit.

1. The First Angry Birds Game Released in 2009

Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment is the Finnish game developer responsible for the Angry Birds franchise. The game’s major inspiration reportedly came from a sketch of stylized wingless birds. The game centered around the concept of launching birds at pigs that were encased within all types of structures.

The first game officially launched in December 2009 on Apple’s iOS platform. The game became so huge that it made its way over to other smartphone devices (Android, Windows Phone and Symbian). The game soon made its way on over to home video game consoles and PC’s. So far, over 12 million copies of the game have been purchased/downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

2. There Are Several Different Iterations of the Main Game

Angry Birds Seasons

The first Angry Birds managed to be so so successful that it led to the development/release of sequels.

Check out the full list of those versions below:

Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Star Wars
Angry Birds Friends
Angry Birds Trilogy

3. It Has Inspired Several Knock-Off’s and Parodies

There’s always bound to be a flood of copycats and parodies after one franchise makes it big.

Check out the list of some of Angry Birds’ knock-off’s and parodies below:

Angry Farm
Angry Frogs
Angry Swamp ChootEm
Angry Turds
Beaver’s Revenge
Beavers Strike Back
Brutal Frogs Lite
Cut The Birds

4. The Game’s Characters Are Now Toys

Angry Birds Plush

The famous wingless birds of the Angry Birds series have been formed into plush toys that everyone has access to. Most of these toys focus on the main series, but there are several other toys based on the game’s many spinoffs (Angry Birds Star Wars). Check out all the toys currently being sold on the Angry Birds Online Shop.

5. They’ve Also Adorned Clothing and Soft Drinks

Angry Birds Clothes

The birds/piggies are all over shirts, boxers, sweatpants, hats etc. In 2012, a company called Olvi manufactured soft drinks based on the Angry Birds franchise. The flavors that ultimately came from this soft drink deal are:

– Tropic
– Paradise
– Lagoon
– Space-Comet

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6. Several Books Have Been Created and Devoted to the Game

One other media avenue that this mobile gaming franchise has managed to find its way into is books.

If you’re looking to read up on the origins of Angry Birds (or just give your small child something to color or keep busy with), take a peek at the full books list below:

Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes
Angry Birds: The Big Green Doodle Book
Angry Birds: The Big Red Doodle Book
Angry Birds Space: Colors
Angry Birds Space: Numbers
Angry Birds Space: Sticker Book
Angry Birds Space: Poster Book
National Geographic Angry Birds Space: A Furious Flight Into the Final Frontier
National Geographic Angry Birds: 50 True Stories of the Fed Up, Feathered, and Furious

7. The Franchise Has Been Used As Theme Park Attractions

The Angry Birds Theme Park – CNBC Power LunchThis is a report from CNBC's Power Lunch on the new Angry Birds theme park that has opened in Finland. Please Note: The content of this video is the copyright of its respective owners and does not belong to me. This has been uploaded for entertainment purposes only.2012-05-02T12:20:41.000Z

The Angry Birds have popped up across the world as theme park attractions. Two separate attractions opened up in China (The Window of the World in Changsha) and Finland (The Särkänniemi Adventure Park). An official Angry Birds theme park is rumored to be officially opening by May 2014 at Johor Baharu City Centre in Malaysia.

8. A Spin-Off Game Was Made With The Piggies In The Starring Role

Bad Piggies

The piggies that gamers had so much fun demolishing ended up getting their own spin-off game – Bad Piggies. The objective of this game is to control the piggies while trying to build contraptions that are capable of stealing the Angry Birds’ eggs.

9. A Cartoon Based On The Show Has Been Made

Angry Birds Toons: "Chuck Time"To celebrate 400 million views in the Toons channel, here is the first episode of Angry Birds Toons for all of you to watch! It's Chuck Time! The Angry Birds Toons series is available in all Angry Birds games for free – just look for that Toons button in the main menu when you boot…2013-06-25T13:16:07.000Z

A Finnish TV cartoon series was actually created and based on this massive franchise. The show delves into the rivalry between the birds and the piggies. One season of the show (52 episodes long) have been shown from March 2013 till present time. A 2011 Nickelodeon special (Angry Birds: Wreck The Halls) was shown, plus an Angry Birds Space animated special also aired in March 2012.

10. An Angry Birds Movie Is Releasing in 2016

Don’t believe it? Too bad, you’re going to have to. Screen Crush reported that a 3D animated film for the game will be releasing in 2016:

The ‘Angry Birds’ movie is coming whether you like it or not. Rovio, the company behind the popular mobile game, has teamed with the producers of ‘Despicable Me’ to plan an upcoming animated movie. And, surprise, it will be in 3D.

‘Angry Birds’ will hit theaters in 2016, Rovio announced today in a press release. The company is financing and producing the film independently instead of selling off the rights to an established animation house. David Maisel, who used to run Marvel Studios, and John Cohen, who produced ‘Despicable Me’ and once ran Twentieth Century Fox Animation, will produce the CG-animated film.

So far no writer or director has been announced, but who needs a writer or a director when you have a cartoon based on a mobile game about birds that don’t talk!

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