Gold Diggers: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Gold Diggers

This isn’t a guide for money hungry women looking to bleed wealthy men’s pockets dry. This is a top 10 tips/tricks/cheats guide for the iOS/Android video game, Gold Diggers. Your team of diggers have to power up their digging machines to pick up some gold and move out of the path of those dangerous Giant Worms. Staying underground means you’ll have to contend with the treasures and dangers lurking beneath the surface.

These 10 tips/tricks/cheats will make sure you’ll keep your team of Gold Diggers intact and increase your Gold intake higher than the last.

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1. Take Advantage of the First Area and Collect As Much As Possible

Gold Diggers iOS Tips

In order to get yourself acquainted with the game’s mechanics, it pays to play the starting area as much as possible. It also pays to play these stages a bunch of times so you’ll get to stock up on more gold as you dig your way down farther into the Earth. These early stages can net you the coins needed to purchase the upgrades you’ll need for the later stages. Playing the early stages over and over will get you more Gold, a better score and a better understanding of the rest of the game.

2. Stay Ahead of the Gigantic Worm By Boosting

Gold Diggers iOS Cheats knows how you should keep your distance from the game’s giant worm:

When being chased by the gigantic worm that appears at the top of the screen, it’s imperative that you pass over as many of those downward pointing arrows as possible. These will give you a little boost, and are essential for staying one step ahead of the beast. These sequences only last a few seconds, so just hold on!

3. Spend Money on Gold-Gathering Upgrades also posted up some tips on which upgrades you’ll need to throw some of your well-earned Gold at:

Looking to splash out on some upgrades? Stay away from spending money on the different wagons in the early days, as these only provide a cosmetic change to your drill. If you’re looking to play the game for a long time, it’s better to invest first in those upgrades that give you a permanent gold-gathering advantage.

4. Try and Pick Up The Floating Star

The Floating Star is a collectible that grants you an extra two seconds in the minigame, which translates to more time spent on you picking up more Gold. The telltale sign of a Floating Star is its tail appearing on your screen. Make it a habit to pick these babies up. They’re certainly worth the trouble.

5. Pick Up The Glowing Shooting Power Up, Too

Another power up you should make a habit of collecting is the glowing shooting power up, which provides your gold digger with a super powerful cannon. Pick up the cannon and you’ll soon be laying waste to all those damned worms and fire pillars.

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6. Pay Attention to the Exclamation Marks

Gold Diggers iOS Tips

As you dig lower and lower throughout the game’s underworld, make sure you pay attention to the game’s exclamation marks that pop up on the screen. Those notifiers point out the dangers that are sure to come your way, like worms. Planning ahead for these worms means you’ll know the exact moment when a exclamation mark popped up.

7. The Best Way to Avoid That Fast Moving Lava knows the best method you should use when it comes to steering clear of the moving lava:

Probably the most difficult at fast speeds is the lava game where you don’t have to stay for too long in the lava or you will lose a life. Don’t forget that you can quickly move your cart by rapidly swiping your finger on the screen and that is the only way to get past the lava level: be fast and as precise as possible.

8. Tap With More Than One Finger at the Gigantic Piece of Gold

When it get to the end of each stage, you’ll come across the granddaddy of gold. Tapping as fast as possible on this mountain of gold is fun, but you only have a limited amount of time to do so. We found it easier to get more gold out of this enormous pile by tapping on it with two or three fingers. Go crazy and just tap to your heart’s content!

9. Sometimes It’s Best to Ignore The Gold…

Gold Diggers iOS Cheats also posted an important tip on players who are too greedy for gold:

As strange as this might sound as an advice, it’s always better to ignore the gold and stay alive than get a few nuggets and lose one cart. The good areas to collect more gold are the rail ones, but again be vary careful there and never risk it. Play safe and you’ll play long!

10. Try Buying a New Character First

Gold Diggers iOS Tips

When you gather enough gold to buy a new character, make sure you make that purchase ASAP. One of the first characters you’ll have the pleasure of buying is Bambi, who costs 15,000 gold. One of Bambi’s perks is the extra life you get at the beginning of every stage. Purchasing new characters also means you’re purchasing new perks.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Gold Diggers players, throw them in the comments section!