Kingdom Rush: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush presents players with 12 stages worth of violent enemy hordes and all types of challenges that features tower-defense elements. The battlefield that you’ll be in control of will task you with keeping your soldiers ready and your barracks protected. We’re going to make sure your fighters and fortresses become damn near invincible. Here’s some tips and cheats for this tower-defense adventure.

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1. Make Sure You’re Soldiers Aren’t Too Cooped Up in Their Forts

Kingdom Rush

Soldiers usually just stick to their barracks until a bunch of ugly baddies get a tad too close to their home base. Each of your towers have a cool feature that displays the range for how far out your soldiers can be next to their castle. Tap on your fortresses, pay attention to how wide that blue circle is and you’ll know just where to place your troops. Bring them into fight before they’re hounded by enemies. When those enemies are on the way, your soldiers early entrance on the battlefield will keep your forts safer.

2. There’s A Few Ways to Handle Large Groups of Enemies

Kingdom Rush listed some details regarding the best ways to handle those huge groups of marauding enemies:

If there is a huge group of enemies, use the reinforcements to separate them so it will be easier to attack them. You may use the meteor spell to take huge number of enemies down, too. Another way to deal with a high concentration of enemies is by upgrading your dwarven bombard tower to dwarven artillery. Click on the dwarven bombard tower and click the up arrow icon, which means upgrade. You need to spend coins for the upgrade. The number of coins needed for upgrading is indicated on the icon. You earn coins from defeating each enemy. Take note that the center of explosion gives more damage to the enemies when using dwarven artillery.

3. Spruce Up Your Ranged Attackers ASAP

One thing you’ll need to upgrade as soon as get the points to do so are your ranged attackers. Those rangers will help rain down the fury of arrows and devastating magic spells. By upgrading these troops and their forts, you’ll have an easier time keeping your enemies at bay. By making your rangers stronger, your enemies will get overwhelmed by a continuous assault that will damage them as they make their march. Line up your Meteor Strike so that it’s right in front of those annoying invaders. This helps maximize the amount of burned baddies you’ll see on your screen.

4. Keep Your Barracks Strong

Modojo knows how important it is to cover your stage route with several towers instead of super upgraded ones. Here’s what they had to say:

As a general rule, it’s better to have the whole route successfully covered than make the rather expensive upgrades to your towers. This is particularly important whenever the enemies take a branching path through a level. No one tower, however well upgraded, can tackle everything at once, and you might end up leaving the enemy free to stroll to victory.

5. Knock Down Those Heavily-Armored Enemies With Your Magical Towers

Heavily-armored goonies need more than a few arrows and swords to put ’em down. Just make sure your magical towers are well protected cause they’ll be the ones you’ll need to take out those tougher troops. Magic bypasses all types of armor, which helps deal some worthy damage to well-protected baddies.

6. Do Right By Your Barracks By Doubling Up and Upgrading Them ASAP knows just how to keep those barracks healthy and ready for war. Here’s two tips they posted on the good use of one’s barracks:

In key strangle points a good tactic is to double up your barracks. This is done by positioning two militia barracks close to each other and aligning the flag rally points so it doubles up on strength and attack power. If you find yourself being overwhelmed and your barracks soldiers about to die you can upgrade them mid-battle so they are instantly retrained and tougher with full health.

7. Make Sure Your Reinforcements Are in Tow With Your Archery and Mage Towers

Kingdom Rush

Reinforcement soldiers aren’t really worth anything when it comes to health. They’re still worth putting out on the battlefield though, so use them to support the attacks of your archers and mage towers. This three-man support team will give your reinforcements more of a fighting chance.

8. Know Your Towers!

Kingdom Rush Towers wants to make sure you know about the towers you’ll be in charge of once you start the game up:

Archer Tower – the most basic of all towers, cheapest to create and deals the least amount of damage against enemies. It is very fast shooting and this makes it very effective against groups of enemies with low HP (such as wargs) that will otherwise get past other defenses just because of sheer speed. When upgraded, the Archer Tower increases in both damage and range –making it a key part of any defense strategy even late in the game.

Mage Towers – more stronger than the archer towers, the Mage towers are your best bet against armored troops (expect those with magical shielding of course). Slow firing, these towers are best complemented by archer towers as they are no able to keep up with larger enemy waves, but can dispatch slower, tougher enemies better than the archers. It is important that players try to earn the final general upgrade for the mage tower which adds a bonus slow-down effect to any target hit by a mage shot. You can earn this about mid-way through the game and is an important factor for many of the challenges. Also, the mage tower is slightly more expensive than the archer tower, so be sure to save up for it.

Dwarven Bombard – these towers are your crowd control towers; slow, powerful and has a decent area-of-effect damage, they are best used in the late game (early on, you can rely on archer, mage and barracks). Late in the game, when the better types of dwarven cannon upgrades become available (such as the Big Bertha), then it may be a good time to start investing in the cannon type towers. At level one, these cannons are hardly any use, so be sure to upgrade it as soon as you can –the earliest they become reliable is at level 3. Employing these towers is best in the later stages where gold is a lot easier to earn (since they are the most expensive of the bunch).

9. Strengthen Your Strategy Tactics By Creating Choke Points

Kingdom Rush Barracks

Each stage will undoubtedly throw a rampaging horde of enemies at you and your soldiers. Your enemies will will emerge from several points on the map and make a move towards several of your barracks. Turn your brain on and do this every time – place barracks near high-traffic points, then place any other attack barracks nearby. As those hideous orcs make their way towards on barrack, they’ll get swarmed by the once that are close by. Make sure the barracks that are nearby are archers or mages since they’re ranged attacks can rain down upon your opponents more easily.

10. Wanna Know How to Complete The Final Level? Here’s How

Kingdom Rush Level 12 also encountered the final level of Kingdom Rush and found the best way to complete it with as less stress as possible: Here’s there official guide to beating level 12:

The final stage of the game, naturally this is also one of the toughest. We recommend setting up mage and archer tower defenses along the right path, the center path and lower left (just in front of the grave yard) and upgrade as much as possible. This will be enough to hold off the initial waves. As you earn more gold, focus on adding mage towers on the left and right sides of the dark tower and for providing upgrades on the lower towers. Add new defenses on the lower part of the screen after about 4 waves to prepare for the next waves of enemies and the ones that spawn from the pentagrams. As you progress through the stage, the boss will cast stasis spells on your towers. To cancel the effects, rapidly click on the affected towers to keep them running. Lastly, be wary of the necromancers (three will spawn from each side). In their long walk to the exit, they will summon and amass quite a number of skeletons. To bring them down, kill the ones from the right with a fully upgraded meteor. The one on the left can be stalled by reinforcements –and hopefully, they will get targeted by a mage tower or caught in ranger tangles.

After clearing all the waves, players will have to face off Vez’nan, the final boss. This enemy first spawns as a small mage with powerful spells (do not bother with troops, he will instantly kill them). The death ray, snipe and teleport spells however, seem effective for the situation. once you bring his HP down to zero, his real form emerges and with an even higher life. Just keep attacking the boss relentlessly (and use the meteor whenever you can) in order win the stage before he reaches the exit.

The best thing about the challenges for the Dark Tower is that they can be won with the same strategy as the story stage. The only difference is that the final boss will no longer present (a “for sale” sign will be posted on the dark tower, reflecting the fate of the Vez’nan at the hands of the player). Since the original strategy does not call for artillery, the tips above will prove useful when dealing with both the heroic and iron challenges.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Kingdom Rush players, throw them in the comments section!