Pixlgun 3D – Survival Shooter: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Pixlgun 3D Tips

The overall visual fidelity of the massive video game hit Minecraft isn’t entirely beautiful, but it’s definitely endearing. Its blocky textures had made many a fan out of casual and hardcore gamers. Ever since Minecraft has taken off, several video game releases have tried to replicate the look/formula that has made that game such a success.

One of the games we’ve grown to love is the the mobile zombie first-person shooter Pixlgun 3D – Survival Shooter. There’s zombies, blood, gore and Minecraft-like visuals.

Here’s 10 tips and cheats that will help you thrive in the blocky zombie apocalypse.

1. Get to Know the Basics Behind The Game

Pixlgun 3D Tips

CheatMasters.com made sure to delve into some beginner info that you should get you acclimated to the Pixlgun 3D:

Pixlgun 3D is a first person shooter where players can take control of a character that would have to survive against an endless horde of zombies. Gameplay takes place in different areas that players can travel to via portal once the previous location has been cleared. Players can access different types of weapons in order to shoot the many appearing zombies, and they must avoid getting damaged too much or they would have to repeat the game from the very beginning should they die.

2. Try and Memorize the Layout of Each Map

Pixlgun 3D Tips

Each map in this game comes with a fixed layout, which means that these maps stay the same ever time you enter them. Try and recognize the most beneficial and helpful locations that will help in getting you an easier spot to shoot from. By combining your knowledge of safer locations and zombies’ enemy behaviors, you should have an easier time staying alive. Don’t get caught in a corner; memorize those spots that will protect you from the undead and let you blast them to bits much easier.

3. Concentrate Your Gunfire When There’s More Than Two Zombies

Pixlgun 3D Tips

Whenever you have a larger group of the zombie horde breathing down your neck, it’s better to focus your gunfire instead of wildly firing at them all. Focus your gun fire, try and cop some headshots whenever you get the chance to do so.

4. Don’t Stand Still; Keep Moving

Simple – never stay still and run the risk of getting chewed on. Keep moving and keep shooting!

5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Crawling Zombies and Zombie Heads

Pixlgun 3D Cheats

Modojo.com posted up some details on zombies that will attack you from a lower level:

Not all of the enemies you face will be at ground level. There are smaller bouncing zombie heads that will chew away at your knees, or crawling zombies that slowly but surely make their way to you. Use the touchscreen to aim generally towards ground level so that you hit anything that moves. Don’t worry – you’ll still do sufficient damage to standard enemies, while taking out the smaller ones with ease.

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6. Make Sure You Cop The Coin That’s Hidden During The Training Phase Stage

Modojo.com also posted a tip about a certain hidden coin you’ll need to collect:

Before you go into the portal, and when you’re done killing all the zombies in the training stage, hop over the fence and pick up the extra coin that’s just behind the wall. It never hurts to have a little extra currency after all, especially when it comes to making upgrades later on down the line.

7. There’s a Hack Available for Apple Devices

For those mobile gamers out there who just wanna take advantage of the game with a simple hack, check out the details from iDeviceGazette.com:

1. Make sure you have Pixlgun 3D installed on your iPhone/Ipad/Ipod. Make sure it is not open during this process.
2. Download IFunBox. http://www.i-funbox.com
3. Download this modded file and put on your desktop for easy access. Limelinx Download (if your file is .rar you need to uncompress the file. So download any free .rar extraction program and open the file before you drag it into Ifunbox. It will not work if you don’t)
4. Open IFunBox on your computer and connect your device via USB. Click your device and click applications.
5. Click on Pixlgun 3D
6. Click Library
7. Click Preferences
8. Replace the Preferences folder with the new hacked Preferences folder you download. Make sure the downloaded file is unzipped or it will not work. (The hacked file is a .plist file)
9. Click Refresh a couple times and open Pixlgun 3D on your device.
10. Comment if you have any issues or concerns with this tutorial. Also share with your friends! Enjoy. Lots of other tutorials on my blog. Comment requests for other games in the comments too! Follow my blog for tons of hacks.

8. Reload Quickly When You Get A Chance to Breathe

Pixlgun 3D Tips

Your guns don’t automatically reload, so it’s better than tap the manual reload button whenever you get a chance to breath. Once you run low on ammo, reload ASAP. Never keep blasting until the last bullet, folks. Reload before you’re stuck with two/three remaining bullets in a clip.

9. Play The Bigger Maps First

Pixlgun 3D Tips

There are currently six maps available for the game thus far. Start off on the bigger maps just so you can get yourself acclimated to the more hardcore tactics and enemy behaviors you’ll be contending with. The smaller maps just serve to keep you and all those zombies closer, but the bigger maps provide you with the strategy needed to down those zombies in small, medium and large maps.

10. Here’s The Mods That You Should Keep An Eye Out For

Pixlgun 3D Cheats

Once the updates start to roll out for Pixlgun 3D, you can look forward to play different mods (survival, time trail, deathmatch, co-op etc. You can all probably expect to see a few items available for character customization, too.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Pixlgun 3D – Survival Shooter players, throw them in the comments section!




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