Grand Theft Auto 5: Watch Some of the Crazy Side Activities You Can Do in Los Santos


Here’s something you already knew – Grand Theft Auto 5 is pretty massive. Along with the main campaign missions you’re tasked with completing, there’s plenty of side missions and activities you can tackle. It’s good to know you can play a nice round of golf…just mere moments after you’ve finished a successful bank heist/drive-by.

Along with the different types of sports you can play, there’s strip clubs to visit, skydiving activities to engage in and other crazy activities that you wished you could do in real life.

The videos you’re about to watch showcase just a few of the craziest side activities you can encounter in GTA 5.

Free Falling From Plane At Highest Altitude


Random & Funny Moments! (Epic Fails, Deaths, Fights)

“Grass Roots Strangers + Freaks” – Alien Attack

How To Find A Prostitute/Hooker

Strip Club Massacre | How To Take A Stripper Home

How To Steal A P-966 LAZER Fighter Jet From From Fort Zancudo

Street Car Race

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