Pet Rescue Saga: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga takes the familiar formula of Match-Three puzzle gameplay and matches it up with cute, cuddly animals we love to fawn over. There’s a few multicolored blocks you’ll have to contend with, but there’s also a few helpless animals you’ll have to incorporate into your puzzle solving.

After knocking down a few puzzles and getting those wonderful pets to safety, we stepped away and acquired a few tips/tricks/cheats for this mobile puzzler. Here are 10 essential methods that will guarantee you’ll be solving this game’s puzzles in a more rapid fashion.

1. You Don’t Have to Clear All The Blocks to Clear Any Stages

Pet Rescue Saga Tips

Each of the stages in this mobile puzzler includes specific goals, such as rescuing a specific amount of pets or reaching a specific score. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of clearing all the blocks off a stage (we know it’s second nature to do that). You don’t have to clear all the blocks so focus on completing the specific requests on hand.

2. The Only Boosters You’ll Want to Buy Are Color Pop’s and Block Buster’s

Pet Rescue Saga Tips

The only boosters you’ll want to spend a few coins/Facebook credits on are the Color Pop’s and Block Buster’s. explained what these booster items are capable of:

This Booster looks like a Balloon. They are one of the Boosters which you will often be given while playing through a level. You are also able to purchase them, but unlock Block Busters, you have to buy them using Facebook Credits. The Color Pop Booster allows you to choose the color of blocks to pop. However, you should bear in mind that using the Color Pop Booster to reduce the number of blocks left on the level dramatically impacts the score which you will receive, when compared to clicking your way through manually.

The Block Buster in Pet Rescue Saga looks a lot like a regular hammer, and it functions as such. Basically, you can use it to target any single block. That block will then disappear, and the other blocks will slot into shape accordingly. You first receive Block Busters when they are initially unlocked. You can purchase more Block Busters using Facebook Credits if you have no Block Boosters already available by clicking on the Block Buster icon. You cannot buy them while a stage is in play using Coins. Instead, you have to buy these on the summary screen that appears when you select the level, but before you click on ‘Play’.

3. Try to Target Clearing Up Single Blocks of Various Colors

Pet Rescue Saga Tips

You’ll run into situations where your stage layout will include single blocks that are all by themselves. Plan your moves out two/three steps ahead and aim for clearing out those solo-colored blocks. Don’t just leave a red block to linger around too long. Aim for single blocks like that so that you have a better chance at initiating bigger combos for group colored blocks.

4. Focus on Saving Your Pets

Pet Rescue Saga Tips

Whenever you save some pets, you’ll cop 1,000 points for each one that’s rescued. Saving these pets usually help in getting you the perfect three star rating for most levels. Some stages even focus on saving pets, so it’s even more of a focused goal that you need to aim at.

5. The Basics of Saving and Requesting Lives explained the basics behind the game’s lives system:

– You only have five lives and lose one for each failed puzzle. When lives run out, you can purchase five for $0.99 or wait for a refill.
– You can ask Facebook friends for lives and vice versa, just like Candy Crush Saga.
– You can request lives before playing a puzzle. Select the desired level and tap the heart icon to the right of your friends’ Facebook photos along the bottom of the screen.
– Some puzzles only provide you with a certain number of lives. Don’t be wasteful. Running out of lives means game over.

6. Hold Onto Your Power Up’s also spoke about properly saving your power up’s for the appropriate moments:

Use your power-ups. OK, so this contradicts the tip above, but you basically want to use power-ups like the Column Blaster Booster if you get to the end of the board and have blocks left over. The idea should be to clear columns or lines, leaving blocks of the same color left over to complete the board.

7. Take Advantage of the Pet Delay

Pet Rescue Saga Cheats

After you spot a lone pet at the bottom of the stage, that means it’s soon going to be set loose. There’s usually a couple of seconds that delay those pets leaving the stage. This results in the blocks above the pet staying in the same formation before it adjusts to the pet’s absence. Use those precious few seconds to get a few block combos going.

8. Here’s The Best Way to Complete Level 42

Level 42 has proven to be frustrating for some players. The video walkthrough above showcases the moves you can use to complete this stage.

9. Here’s The Best Way to Complete Level 82

This video walkthrough pints you in the right direction when it comes to finishing stage 82.

10. Use This Video Guide to Complete Levels 241-252

If you’re an extremely expert player at Pet Rescue Saga, then you’re probably trying to solving the levels that hover around the 200+ mark. Gamewise.Co has a page that showcases video walkthroughs for stages 241-252. As a lil’ preview for you hardcore players out there, check out the video walkthrough for level 241 above.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Pet Rescue Saga players, throw them in the comments section!

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