Racing Rivals: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Racing Rivals

Racing Rivals takes drag racing from the streets and places in in the safer realm of mobile gaming devices. Those designer rides you’ve always wanted to take for a wild spin are all available in this drag racer.

The cars look sweet, the engines sound realistic and the locales you’ll be driving and drifting in look beautiful. We want you mobile gamers to enjoy this mobile drag racer to the fullest, so here’s our top 10 tips/tricks/cheat guide for teh game.


1. Get Acquainted With the Speed Boost

When you’re getting ready to head out on a race, keep your eyes tuned to the light-up meter that’s right above the launch button. Once that meter is green, hit the gas/launch button because you’re ready to haul off the starting line with a speed boost. If that light-up meter turns red though, keep your hands off that launch button. You’ll encounter engine issues that screw you out of a good starting point in the race. Hitting the launch button at the right point will prevent you from getting disqualified or losing momentum, too.

2. Get Your Shifting Right

Racing Rivals Tips

Hitting your launch and shift prompts when the light-up meter turns green is the name of the game. Start revving up your ride and get those RPM’s to set off the green lights. Make sure the launch button is matched up perfectly with the green light. Then make sure you hit that perfect shift every time once the green light is visible. This method will make your official starts during a race much smoother.

3. Pick The Right Upgrades and Maximize Your Car’s Potential

Racing Rivals Tips posted up a few tips regarding the upgrades you should aim for:

There are many different upgrades that you can go for on cars, ranging from those that boost horsepower and torque to those which drop the car’s weight, but almost all of the mods increase the amount of engine damage that will be done. Pick the “low hanging fruit” first. Go through the engine modifications and pick out the ones which add the most torque and horsepower (such as increasing the displacement, a cold air intake, headers and exhaust). They’re cheap, too – at least for the first stage of the upgrade.

As soon as possible, though, get the NOS conversion for your car, as well as the supercharger or turbocharger conversion, because only these will unlock the true power potential of your car. If you don’t buy them right away, then eventually you will get to a point where you need to buy them in order to beat the next opponent.

4. Be Careful About Those Pink Slip Races

Racing Rivals Tips

Pink Slip races up the ante, but make sure your ride is fully equipped for them. Winning these races will earn you some free rides, but you’ll have to have two rides in order to enter them. Losing a pink slip race means your ride gets put up on the market, though. Don’t make any pink slip challenges until your two rides are fully upgraded and ready to handle them. Remember – you lose, you lose your ride.

5. Take Some Weight Off of Your Ride

One aspect of your car that you’ll definitely need to pay attention to is its weight. Heavier vehicles will have a hard time getting any headway in a race, so make sure you drop its weight to a manageable level. When your in the middle of upgrading your ride, hit up the “Chassis” tab. You’ll be able to decrease the weight up to 25-percent at three different intervals for your ride. Keep your upgrades high and your weight low, racers.

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6. Equip The Best Tires in the Game also listed a tip that should push you in the right direction when it comes to copping some good tires:

Unlike with other upgrades, you don’t have to buy one Nitro tire upgrade at a time. You can upgrade in whatever order you want to. Skip every other upgrade and buy the best tires that are on sale in the store. Anything less, and you are likely to spin your wheels even when you get a perfect launch going, especially once you drop the weight of the car or add forced induction.

7. Patience is a Virtue When it Comes to Multiplayer

Racing Rivals Cheats told players to remain calm during the epic wait for multiplayer races:

Be patient with multiplayer. When you challenge a player, nine times out of 10 they’ll be “busy.” Races don’t last long, though, so you’ll probably wait a minute or two, at most, before you hit the track.

8. Hit Up The Showroom from Time to Time

Hop into the showroom and take a gander at all the sweet rides that are on display. Keep wallet full, win some races and plan out your next car purchase by surveying the rides in the showroom. Line your pockets as much as possible so you’ll any of those showroom rides in your garage soon.

9. Beat Several Classes = Unlock Several Rides

Racing Rivals Tips

Earning free cars is always awesome (wish it would happen in real life more). Complete all the available races that are apart of a certain class during the main campaign. The final races during those class campaign stages are tough, but the payoff of a new free ride is worth the trouble. The cars that you can select one ride from are always a higher class than the car you probably have.

10. Watch This Vid to Get Some Beginner Tips on How to Earn More Coins

The video tutorial above will point you in the right direction when it comes to picking up all those coins.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Racing Rivals players, throw them in the comments section!