WATCH: Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer Recreated With Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto 5’s upcoming release will leave plenty of girlfriends (and possibly a few boyfriends) unhappy as their significant other get immersed in the world of Los Santos. For past players of this iconic gaming franchise, we’re sure you have a warm place in your heart for Grand Theft Auto 4.

One YouTube user who goes by the title of YeardlyDiamond1 seems to be a huge fan of GTA 4, as evidenced by his long list of videos dedicated to it. His latest vid does something immensely cool – it remakes GTA 5’s story trailer with GTA 4’s graphics engine, characters and Liberty City location. It’s easy to see how far each game has come graphically.

Check out that awesome concept trailer above.

Another one of YeardlyDiamond1’s vids presents Niko’s dramatic reaction to one of GTA 5’s most amazing trailers: