Grand Theft Auto Online: Gameplay Videos That Show It When Its Working (and Not Working)

GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto 5’s hype STILL hasn’t died down, thanks to the official launch of GTA Online. This separate multiplayer portion of the game takes the massive world of Los Santos and places several players into a constantly evolving universe. Players can join up with or create crews, rob stores, take flight with helicopters, commit drive-by’s, engage in car races etc. Everything that’s awesome about the single-player campaign is available for play during the online portion.

GTA Online’s launch has been highly anticipated, which means a massive group of gamers have all downloaded it and tried to take it for a spin. For some, this cool piece of downloadable content has been playable. For other though, the online world of Los Santos has been closed off due to server issues and rampant glitches.

We’ve caught on to some cool gameplay vids of GTA Online in action. We’ve also seen some vids displaying people’s discontent with it not working so well. If you’re a part of the later group of frustrated gamers, take Rockstar’s official advice from their blog:

To everyone going online for the first time today, if you have any technical difficulties, the place to report issues is to our dedicated Support Team at
And if you have any non-technical related feedback or suggestions to make, please send us a note at and we’ll have a look.
Thanks all!

Now let’s watch some vids of GTA Online…when it works and also when it doesn’t work…

GTA 5 Online – Robbing A Store (GTA 5 Online Gameplay)

Let’s Play GTA Online: Jane’s First GTA Online Heist – Convenience Store Stick-Up

GTA 5 Online – How To Save/Store Money! “ATM Feature” (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online Mission “Meth’d Up” (GTA Online Gameplay)