Mutant Football League: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know (Interview with Michael Mendheim)

EJ: 6. The art direction looks awesome and faithful to the original game its based on. Who’s the brains behind the visual aesthetics?

MM: The guys behind the art direction will be Dave Devries of the Monster engine and Robomodo Studios (the founders of the studio helped establish the visual look for NBA Street and Mortal Kombat). Simon Bisley is also on board to help with character design. We want the game to have a bad-ass gritty feel but the violence has to be cartoony (it has a Loony Tunes attitude about it), it needs to make you laugh instead of shock you.

EJ: 7. Can players expect the same level of mayhem that they experienced in Mutant League Football?

Mutant Football League

MM: No. You can expect much, much more. One of the main areas we want to improve on is the gore visual effects. We’re also introducing a new character called, Enforcers. Generally, mutants are big, mean, ugly SOB’s… so what do you do to keep them in line? You get bigger, meaner, even uglier brutes to monster the bejeesus out of them. And that’s exactly what Enforcers are; They don’t catch, they don’t throw, they really have no talent to speak of… they just go after the opposing teams stars like a wrecking ball in a glassware shop and annihilate everything within site. Eventually these creatures are subdued and taken to the penalty box where they are uhm…eliminated.

EJ: 8. Will there be parodies in the game that make light of some of the things going down in current football?

MM: We plan to parody anything and everything that professional sports and pop-culture holds sacred. In addition to a great playing and fun football game, we’ll parody the world of professional sports much like the Family Guy parodies family values. With guys like me, Jay Lender (SpongBob Squarepants), Micah Wright (Call of Duty: Zombies) and comic legend Dave Elliott (Atomika Press), nothing is safe and nothing is off limits. This is really one of the great upsides of developing the project independently; we can go against the grain. If you take a quick look at some of the top stories over the last couple years you realize there’s an endless supply of mind-boggling content like: Alex Rodriguez and the Biogenesis scandal, Manti Teo and his invisible girlfriend and yes, even Tebowing!

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EJ: 9. Which platforms will this game be playable on?

Mutant Football League

MM: iOS, Android (mobile phones and tablets), PC / Steam, XBox Live and PSN.

EJ: 10. 10. If Mutant Football League becomes a success, can home console players look forward to playing it on next-gen consoles?

MM: If we are successful, then yes we will build for next generation systems PS4 and XBox One. If that happens then my dream will have come true.

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