‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ Landing on Mobile Devices in December

GTA San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto love fest is still at an all time high. Rockstar Games has ported a good amount of past entries in the series on consoles, plus they’ve been featured on a whole line of consoles and plenty of mobile devices. This latest announcement should get fans extra excited, since they’ll have something new to get distracted by during their morning commute – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to several mobile devices in December!

GTA: San Andreas will land on select iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows mobile devices in December 2013. This new mobile version of the classic PS2/Xbox/PC game will come with a list of notable upgrades:

– Three different control schemes for driving and maneuvering
– Contextual touchscreen commands, with display buttons only being shown when needed during gameplay
– Compatibility with gaming controllers, such as the MOGA ACE Power and several Made for iOS peripherals
– Dynamic and detailed shadows for the game’s graphical output
– Greater draw distances
– An “enriched” colour palette
– Enhanced character and vehicle models

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GTA San Andreas

When Rockstar Games announces the official launch date for this mobile GTA release, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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1 Comment

чистая версия GTA San Andreas

Что ж, конечно наверное все слышали о такой игре как GTA, половина таких людей даже играла в нёё, но чем же Сан Андреас отличается от предыдущих частей?
Конечно, сейчас очень много игр, которые в 100 раз превосходят,GTA San Andreas. Но, эта игрушка настоящий шедевр и уже давно стала легендарной.

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