NBA Rush: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

NBA Rush

NBA Rush takes your favorite pro NBA athletes and places them somewhere besides the basketball court – on an endless street that’s being overrun with invading aliens. Weird, yes. Fun and hard to put down for more than 30 seconds? Absolutely.

This endless running mobile game does all the right things for the genre it lifts its mechanics from. In order to make sure you’re playthrough is a beneficial one, we’re here to provide you with some help.

Make sure you get the most out of NBA Rush by reading through our top 10 tips/tricks/cheats!

1. Master Your Jumps Accordingly

NBA Rush

You’re gonna have to master the art of jumping if you’re looking to get very far in this game. Time them right and you’ll always get rid of those aliens with the shredder blades swirling around them with no trouble. Don’t try to jump and land on one with some late, mistimed jump. You’re only setting yourself up for a failed attempt that will end your run faster than you expected. Hit those jumps real clean and you’ll not only earn more points, but you’ll find yourself reaching higher platforms that hold the items you seek to collect.

2. Stay on the Path of Those Coins to Stay Safe

NBA Rush Tips

When you spot a nice stream of coins following each other as you collect them all, then make sure you stay on the that path as you pick them up. Running through a nice little stream of extra coins means you won’t have to deal with any aliens dropping on your players.

3. Save Your Coins and Diamonds for the Draft

Use all those coins and diamonds you collect to save up for some of those really high class players for your ever expanding squad. Your diamonds should go towards getting some of the more celebrated NBA athletes that you know are worth spending your time with. If you happen to get the same player twice, then that players’ stats double up.

4. The Rocket Power Up is a Coin Collecting Beast

One of the best power up’s to get your hands on is the rocket boost. Do everything in your power to get your hands on the rocket power up because it helps you pick up a great amount of coins in no time. You’ll always get a healthy amount of coins without too much effort if you that rocket strapped to your players.

5. Mange Your Players At All Times

NBA Rush Tips noted that you should always keep a close eye on your best three players at all times:

It will probably be some time before you get to have a huge roster of players to chose from, but always make sure that you have the best three in your team. I would recommend having the one with the best stats as the first player since you will play with him the most. And always look at the ones you already have in order to equip the best.