NBA Rush: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Pick Up Those Diamonds As Soon As You Seem Them

Coins are cool, yeah. But you always need to get your player near those diamonds because they’re way more beneficial to your overall progress in the game. Go ahead and sacrifice you current run if you happen to spot any diamonds laying around. They’ll pay off in the end.

7. Destroy Those Shredder Aliens in Succession By Getting Out of the Air Quickly

NBA Rush Cheats

When you take to the air and hop on those shredder aliens, you’ll sometimes notice that they’re placed at different distances within the proximity of each one. If you want to keep your run going, make sure you land on the ground as quickly as possible if you spot another shredder alien coming up in your direction. Don’t take too long to land back on solid Earth if any shredder alien looks like it will hurt you while you’re still airborne.

8. Dodge Those Damned Flying Bombs also listed some advice on those flying bombs that get in your players’ way:

The bombs that keep flying until eventually crashing and trying to make your life miserable. Keep an eye on those and try to anticipate as much as possible where they will land. Try to stay in open areas as much as possible to make last second evasion measures possible.

9. Stay Attention to Those Powerups on the Road

NBA Rush noted that you should always keep your eyes out for those pickup laying all over the road:

Watch out for pickups other than just coins. Oftentimes you can find a diamond in the middle of a stage, at the very end of a coin run. Other times, you will find a 2X bonus that will rapidly increase the speed at which your score increases. Also, look for the gold NBA logo for your daily bonuses.

10. Side Swiping 101

NBA Rush Tips also listed some info on all the different ways you can move from side to side:

Swiping from side to side can be done in slides and jumps, too, not just when you’re running. This is especially effective for avoiding obstacles, but also for knocking off shredder aliens from odd angles. Since you oftentimes need to jump onto shredder aliens in order to get enough of a boost to land on top of a bus with coins on it, this can be important.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow NBA Rush players, throw them in the comments section!