Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. This Sequel Will Come to a Definite End in the Storyline

Lords of Shadow 2

Not only is this game the last Castlevania game to be developed by MercurySteam, it’s also the definite conclusion to the Lords of Shadow series.

7. A Few Members of the Belmont Family Will Make Their Presence Known

Lords of Shadow 2

A famous member of the Belmont Clan will be making his return to the series – Alucard (Trevor Belmont), the son of Gabriel Belmont and the father of Simon Belmont. Along with Alucard, a couple of other Belmont family members will be present in the game – Marie Belmont, Victor Belmont etc.

8. Several Big Name Actors are Lending Their Vocal Talents to The Game’s Characters

Lords of Shadow 2

Actor Patrick Stewart.

A couple of big name actors will be lending their voice acting abilities to the cast of Lords of Shadow 2. Check out the full list of video game characters/voice actors below:

– Robert Carlyle: Dracula
– Patrick Stewart: Zobek
– Richard Madden: Alucard
– Stuart Campbell: Young Trevor
– Natascha McElhone: Marie Belmont
– Anthony Howell: Victor Belmont
– Mark Lewis Healy: Toy Maker
– Sally Knyvette: Carmilla
– Alex Childs: Raisa Volkova
– Jason Isaacs: Satan
– Alec Newman: Role Hasn’t Been Announced Yet

9. It Will Feature the Largest Orchestra Ever Used in a Video Game

A recent behind-the-scenes video trailer for the game revealed that this title will feature the largest orchestra ever used and produced for a video game. Check out the trailer above.

10. A Premium Edition and Some GameStop Goodies are Awaiting Those Who Pre-Order

Lords of Shadow 2 Premium Edition

For those gamers who are pre-ordering and purchasing the game in the UK, they will be receiving one of the largest Premium Edition’s ever seen for a video game release. This “Dracula’s Tomb” collector’s edition will feature:

– a physical copy of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
– a Collector’s Edition Tomb Box
– a Limited Edition Art Book
– a Steelbook case
– four separate 10-centimeter figurines, which have been designed by Neil Googe

As for American gamers who are pre-ordering the game from GameStop, these bonus goodies will be arriving with this release:

Lords of Shadow 2 Gamestop

– “Dracula Armor” skin: An all new, highly detailed costume for the famed Lord of Darkness, Dracula of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Includes a full length, leather textured coat with new filigree designs throughout and completely redesigned central belt armor. New battle greaves and pants with adorning paraphernalia add a powerful finish. Dracula himself has a new beard to complete the look.
– a 2-sided Dracula poster

As for those who pre-order the game from Best Buy, they’ll receive a “Relic Rune Pack”:

Lords of Shadow 2

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