Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Lords of Shadow 2

DRACULA IS BACK! And this time, you’ll finally get to wield him and all of his most amazing powers. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 brings back the awesome gameplay mechanics of the last game in the Lords of Shadow series.

After fans got a glimpse at the first epic trailer for the game during an edition of the Video Game Awards, the hype and excitement for this release has been bubbling. So what’s so new about this upcoming entry in the Castlevania series? And what does the overall plot revolve around?

Here’s everything you need to know about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

1. This Game is a Direct Sequel to Lords of Shadow and Mirror of Fate

Lords of Shadow 2

Lords of Shadow 2 takes place directly after the events of Mirror of Fate, which also happens to be a sequel to the 1st Lords of Shadow game. This time around, Gabriel Belmont aka Dracula reawakens from a deep slumber. Satan’s return is impending soon, as evidenced by Zobek’s warning to Dracula. Knowing this, Dracula heads out on a journey in order to reclaim his powers for the eventual battle with Satan. Those powers lie in his personal castle, but the Belmont clan is looking to dispose of him before he reclaims all of his abilities once again.

2. Gabriel Belmont (Dracula) is Arriving With a Bunch of New Powers

Lords of Shadow 2

Dracula is coming to this game equipped with a nice variety of powerful offensive abilities. During an interview with Siliconera, producer Dave Cox unveiled some details on what new abilities will show up in this sequel:

The Void Sword and the Chaos Claws work very similar to the Light and Shadow magic in the previous game. You have to fill the focus bar. When you become focused enemies drop blood and you can funnel blood into either your Void Sword or Chaos Claws. One of the other things Dracula has is what we call the Bat Swarm ability. The Bat Swarm ability is a distraction. Basically, you can throw a swarm of bats on enemies and they become distracted. If you’ve got multiple enemies coming at you, you can distract a few of them and then dish out the damage on the other ones you can deal with. You can switch weapons mid-combo. You go back to the Blood Whip if you run out of focus. The other thing is if you’re fighting an enemy with a shield and you’ve got no magic – how can you break that shield without the Chaos Claws? We give the player other abilities. One of the abilities is the somersault. You can literally somersault over an enemy and then do a reverse follow through, that allows you to build up focus that way. We’ve got the dodge ability, which lets you dodge past enemies and dish damage.

3. The Game’s Setting Revolves Around An Old Castle and a Modern City

Lords of Shadow 2

Dracula has apparently been asleep for way longer than you think. For those players who completed the 1st Lords of Shadow, then you already know what the ending sequence revealed. Gabriel Belmont as Dracula awoke to see himself as a part of a new modern world. However, the only old time relic that’s still present in this world is Dracula’s massive castle. Players will get the chance to venture throughout the city environment as you try to re-acquire all of Dracula’s powers. As you make your way into and around the city setting, people can be seen going about their lives while other events transpire around them all.

4. This Sequel Won’t Be As Linear As Its Predecessor

Lords of Shadow 2

Thanks to the huge open city environment, Lords of Shadow 2 will be a much wider and expansive experience than the mostly linear Lords of Shadow. This time around, there will be a bigger sense of exploration and less loading transitions between the different locales you’ll enter and exit. As players progress through the game, they will be provided more options towards completing Dracula’s journey.

5. Players Will Get The Chance to Move the Camera

Lords of Shadow 2

The fixed camera from the 1st Lords of Shadow is thankfully being done away with this time around. Lords of Shadow 2 is introducing a 360-degree, controllable camera, which makes managing your viewpoint of the game’s larger environments easier to handle.

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