WATCH: Capcom Reveals 5th Ultra Street Fighter 4 Character, Decapre

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The FGC already knows the 1st four characters that will widen the roster for Ultra Street Fighter 4 – Poison, Hugo, Rolento and Elena. A ton of mystery and excitement has surrounded the 5th and final mystery fighter who will be debuting in the game. The producer behind the Street Fighter series Yoshinori Ono made an appearance at Final Round 17, a huge fighting game tournament that’s a precursor to the biggest one of all – EVO. Now we all know who the 5th fighter turned out to be.

Check out the trailer above and find out who the newest addition to Ultra Street Fighter 4 is.

IGN posted up two videos that puts Decapre’s offensive skill set on full display:

Ultra Street Fighter 4 – Decapre Combo Video by CombofiendWatch Combofiend deliver the first ever Decapre combo video.2014-03-17T03:51:17.000Z

Ultra Street Fighter 4 – Decapre Commentary With CombofiendCapcom's Peter "Combofiend" Rosas walks us through Decapre, the 5th and final new character for Ultra Street Fighter 4.2014-03-17T04:04:46.000Z

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