Farmville 2: Country Escape: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

7. Upgrade Your Barn as Quickly As Possible

Farmville 2

• The one building you should upgrade ASAP is your own personal Barn. Head to Grandma’s Glade and forage for some nails. These nails will aid you in building up your Barn for the better.

• Making your Barn better will award you with more storage, which you’ll definitely need to store all the goods you’ll amass once you level up more.

8. Make Sure You Visit Your Friends’ Farms As Much As Possible

Farmville 2

• You should make it a necessity to visit your friends’ farms as much as possible.

• Make this a daily occurrence and you’ll always come away with extra free keys and free cash. When you head to your buddies’ farms and spread a good amount of Friendship Fertilizer, you’ll come away with some nice items to take back to your farm.

Head to the next page to learn about foraging and how to speed up the game’s many timed activities!


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Hey guys! I’ve just started playing Farmville 2 Country Escape, I sometimes use cheats and hacks just to get through it faster and level up though. In case you guys are interested in getting your hands on some cheats, I personally use right now and would totally recommend checking it out.


I used the one where you change your date in e settings, for 100 keys, but now I can’t use the different boards for two weeks. Any advice?

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