WATCH: ‘Sunset Overdrive’ Chaos Squad Multiplayer Mode Trailer

Sunset Overdrive, a zany 3rd-person shooter that’s landing on the Xbox One come October 28, 2014, definitely has a cool multiplayer component. Microsoft showed off how insane the gunplay and navigational abilities of the game are at E3 2014, which is why we’re uber excited about its upcoming release. A brand new trailer for the game has been released and it shows off the game’s 8-player co-op mode, Chaos Mode.

Sunset Overdrive

Here’s all the details we lifted from this brand new Sunset Overdrive trailer:

• Chaos Mode transports players into a multiplayer version of the single-player campaign’s world. Once you hop into your trusty phone booth, your custom character and their collection of weapons, amps and clothing will come along with them.

• This multiplayer mode can be played with up to 8 different players. You’all all be given the option to choose one out of two randomly selected mission types. Some of the missions revolve around killing a select number of mutants or racing to the top of a high tower without falling off. Once a mission is successfully completed, the team of players will get the option to hop into another mission.

• Following the completion of these missions, players will take on a horde of OD mutants in a mode called “Night Defense.” Each player will have to work together and fend off their enemies by laying traps and mowing them down with a unique set of weaponry.

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