‘Hungry Shark Evolution’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Hungry Shark Evolution

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Hungry Shark Evolution!

1. 1st Things 1st – Watch Those Free Video Trailers for Extra Coins and Gems

Hungry Shark Evolution

• Before you head out into the sea and start wreaking havoc, make sure you tap into the free coins and gems shop. You can locate it by tapping the diamonds total option (it’s located near the right hand corner on the evolve screen). Each day comes with a select number of trailers to watch. You’ll be granted one gem for every video you choose to watch.

• As you watch these videos, you’ll also be granted 100 coins per watch. Make this a daily occurrence before you start playing. But be warned – there will be days when there won’t be any videos to watch.

• Make sure you like the game’s Facebook page, too. You’ll gain five free gems for doing so.

2. The Best Ways to Deal With Giant Enemy Crabs

Hungry Shark Evolution Tips

• Giant Crabs can be located on the basic map by finding each one’s lair on the left-most section. Just seek out those dungeon entrance gates for these big boss fights.

• A fully, leveled-up Megalodon Shark can deal with giant crabs much easier, but you can still take them down with other sharks. For instance, you can purchase the Crab Form accessory and deal more damage to giant enemy crabs. Note that the bigger the crab, the longer the range of its attacks are.

• Provoke a giant enemy crab, make sure you dodge its pincer strikes 3 times to expose its glowing weak point. Pull off a boost attack every time. The giant enemy crab’s weak points will change colors to signify its health (Green means full health, orange means 50-percent health and red means close to death).

3. Get Yourself a Baby Shark!

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats

• Baby Sharks are awesome since they swim alongside your main shark and help you eat whatever’s in your way. You can unlock a baby shark by purchasing it with either coins or gems. Once you select your main shark for play, go into the shop for the shark you want and buy its baby shark version.

• As far as baby shark stats go, check out the full list below:

– Baby Reef Shark: +5 Stamina (Costs 1000 Coins)
– Baby Mako Shark: +10 Stamina (Costs 20 Gems)
– Baby Hammerhead Shark: +15 Stamina (Costs 60 Gems)
– Baby Tiger Shark: +20 Stamina (Costs 130 Gems)
– Baby Great White Shark: +25 Stamina (Costs 300 Gems)
– Baby Megalodon Shark: +30 Stamina (Costs 900 Gems)

4. Make it a Habit to Collect the Daily Reward Treasure Chest Everyday

A Facebook FAQ for the game noted that players should make sure they collect all of the goodies seen in the Daily Reward Treasure Chest:

• In the tunnel below and to the left of where the Reef Shark starts is the daily treasure chest. It opens at midnight and gives 100 coins on day 1, 200 coins on day 2, 300 coins on day 3, 400 coins on day 4 and 5 gems on day 5 before starting the cycle again. Well worth a quick trip using the Reef Shark every day!


Hungry Shark Evolution

• Each shark that you’ll control has a different points total that’s needed to reach a certain milestone. Each shark also has a different amount of time where the Gold Rush points multiplier stays active. You might want to purchase some shark accessories that extend the time duration for your shark’s Gold Rush.

• When your Gold Rush is active, go nuts and just feast on as many creatures as possible before it goes away. If you access to the game’s entire map, then you should make good use of your Gold Rush points multiplier by swimming into the bottom right most section of the game’s world. There’s a good amount of Gulper, Blob and Angler Fish to feast on and get more points for.