‘Angry Birds Fight!”: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Angry Birds Fight!.

1. Matching Up Four or Even Five Birds Will Gift You With Better Bonuses

Angry Birds Fight Tips

• You should always aim for pulling off combos that can match up to four or even five birds. Pulling off a four bird combo will result in a myriad of effects that can put your opponent in the danger zone. Matching up the correct pieces will increase your current bird’s attack/defense stats. Try your best to hit an extremely high stat level so that the victor of this match won’t be in question. You should also match up any birds on your board that are the same as your fighting avatar. By the way, pulling off five bird matches will push you into Fever Mode. Making any bird matches while in this colorful mode will double your fighter’s attack and defense stats.

2. Become Familiar With Each Bird’s Combo Outcomes

Angry Birds Fight Cheats

• When you pull off four bird matches with specific characters, the following outcomes will occur:

– Matching up red birds will result in red pieces and produces crates on your opponent’s board. You’ll have to tap on these crates to crack them open if you’re hit by ’em

– Matching up Stella’s removes bubble pieces and obscures the view of your opponent with your own set of bubbles

– Matching up bombs (the black birds) makes them explode and clears out any pieces nearby. This in turn turns your opponent’s board black and white

– Matching up Chuck’s will remove a horizontal line of birds and creates a horizontal dirt barrier on the board of your opponent

– In Matilda’s case, matching up four pieces of her will result in the same thing happening with Chuck. Only this time, it will occur with the same outcomes but in vertical lines on you and your opponent’s board

– And finally, matching up Blues clears out random pieces on your board and covers up pieces on your opponent’s board with paint

3. The Basics Toward Unlocking Every Bird

Angry Birds Fight

• If you’re truly desperate to unlock each bird by using your diamonds to purchase them – DON’T! Completing these achievements will add them to your party free of charge:

– Stella: send you Facebook friends coins 10 separate times

– Matilda: become the victor of 10 Challenge battles

– Bombs (Black Birds): unlock 30 different items

– Blues: fight 30 battle, win or lose

4. Make Your Matches As Fast As Possible

Angry Birds Fight Cheats

• Unlike other match-three puzzlers, you’re on a strict time limit. There’s really no time for you to take your time and keep your eyes peeled for huge matching opportunities. As soon as you spot a likely bird match (which is usually suggested by the game itself), take in ASAP! Making quick bird matches is a much more viable option than creating huge matching combos. But if you’re quick on the draw and great at pulling off huge matches, do ’em at the bottom of the board and pull ’em off often. Take your eyes off the clock and just keep matching!

5. The Basics Behind Ship Battles

Angry Birds Fight

• Eventually, you’ll run into ship battles. It operates the same way as character battles since you have to make as many appropriate matches as possible to power up your ship. As you navigate to new islands, you’ll encounter special missions. Completing these special missions will provide you with new ship parts, such as a Fish Deco, Coconut Mask or The Coconut. Make sure you sell off any duplicate ship parts. And finally, make sure you match up the right bird captain with the right ship parts to get stat boosts.