‘Terminator Genisys: Revolution’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Terminator Genisys: Revolution.

1. Primary Missions Are Your Focus

Terminator Genisys Revolution

Terminator Genisys: Revolution focuses on one mission and one mission only – shoot down those damn Terminator robots as a loyal Resistance member. You’ll hop into plenty of primary missions that are doled out amongst several regions. Participating in primary missions garner you the XP and cash needed to upgrade your weapons and rank up your character. It’s always a smart move to replay primary missions that you’ve completed since you’ll be gifted with the same amount of XP/cash you received before. Sooner or later, you’ll begin to open Story Missions that advance the plot and garner you even more rewards. So stay in one region as long as possible to bleed it dry by completing primary missions and help upgrade yourself to the max.

2. The Best Method Towards Getting Plasma Cells

Terminator Genisys Revolution Tips

• Plasma Cells are your primary currency when it comes to purchasing weapon modifiers. Weapon modifiers make your firearms even more lethal (adding the element of fire to a shotgun? Awesome and helpful!), so you’ll want to get as much Plasma Cells as possible. Take on Spec Ops missions to do just that. While these missions have primary objectives that are much harder to complete, properly upgrading yourself for them will make them a lot easier to handle. So when those Spec Ops missions open up, participate in ’em immediately! And hey, you might get some gold too.

3. Hop Into Those Survival Missions

Terminator Genisys Revolution Cheats

• Survival Missions are pretty self-explanatory. You’ll be tasked with fending off as many unlimited killer robots as possible before you fall. When the chance arises to hop into a Survival Mission, you should take the chance to participate in ’em. Entering these missions with highly upgraded weapons will allow you to hold out much longer and nab the rewards you need and deserve.

4. Upgrade Your Weapons Through a Different Priority Order

Terminator Genisys Revolution

• You’ll take on Skynet with three types of weaponry – Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Sniper Rifles. The upgrades that you’re able to tie to each weapon are its Clip Size, Rate of Fire, Critical Hit and Damage. Here’s our priority order for each weapon type when it comes to dishing out your upgrades from the start:

– Assault Rifles: Rate of Fire, Clip Size, Damage & Critical Hit
– Shotguns: Damage, Critical Hit, Clip Size & Rate of Fire
– Sniper Rifles: Clip Size, Critical Hit, Rate of Fire & Damage

5. When a Mission Requires to Upgrade Your Weapon, Do It!

• Sometime you’ll wanna participate in a mission, but it won’t let you hop into it unless you have your weapon properly upgraded. We mentioned before that you should upgrade your weaponry in a specific order. But if you’re desperate to take part in a locked off mission due to the upgrade requirement, then spend that cash to upgrade your weapon immediately.

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