‘Star Wars Battlefront’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

2015 belongs to Star Wars. With the upcoming release of a new film comes new books, toys and plenty of more collectible memorabilia.

On the video games front, the galactic wars that have been raging on and on for years will be realized on a grand scale in Star Wars Battlefront. The development team behind EA’s military-themed Battlefield series have crafted this epic multiplayer shooter. Come November 17, 2015, gamers will do battle across several modes as a member of the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire. Get ready to engage in intense skirmishes full of laser beams flying everywhere and explosions going off in every direction.

Here’s every part of Star Wars Battlefront you need to know.

1. There Won’t Be A Single Player Campaign, But There’s Going to Be Several Multiplayer Modes For Everyone to Enjoy

Star Wars Battlefront has been developed as a shooter that will primarily focus on multiplayer-centric gameplay. The player count for the modes available for play ranges from eight players all the way up to 40 players all on one map. Nine official multiplayer mode variations have been revealed. Players will engage in epic wars on planets such as Endor, Hoth, Sullust and Tatooine.

Check out the descriptions for each playable multiplayer mode below:

Fighter Squadron: this mode will focus on the usage of airborne vehicles, such as the Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighters, X-Wings and more

Supremacy: this massive multiplayer mode will allow up to 40 players to vie for control of five key points.

Cargo: this mode challenges players to capture valuable cargo boxes and bring it back to their base. Players also have to defend their cargo boxes from the opposing side.

Droid Run: six players on both sides of this mode battle and try to take control of three GNK Power Droids.

Walker Assault: this 40-player mode comes with a specific winning objective for both sides. The Rebels have to take down the Empire’s AT-AT’s, while the Empire must protect their giant mechanical walkers.

Blast: this classic Team Deathmatch mode pits 10 Rebels against 10 Imperials.

Drop Zone: this eight vs. eight player mode has players fighting to take ownership over falling escape pods.

Heroes vs. Villains: players on both side have to fight together to help their iconic Star Wars team members stay alive.

Hero Hunt: one player will step into the boots of a major Star Wars hero or villain and take on a whole team of either seven Imperials or Rebels.

2. Missions Mode Provides Players With Single Player, Offline Play and Even More Playable Options

Even though there isn’t a major story campaign to play through, Star Wars Battlefront does feature a set of modes that caters to single-player. Missions Mode not only offers solo players something to do, it also features local couch-co-op and online-co-op options. Each of the playable variations seen in Missions Mode is listed below:

Training: training missions offer players all types of objectives that attempt to better that player and get them properly prepared for online play.

Survival: this Horde-like mode throws players against growing waves of Imperial troops across several planets.

Battles: these special Battle missions lets players hop onto either playable faction to take on the opposite side. You’ll be able to fight against the A.I. or a buddy.

Hero Battles: this special mode lets players take control of the more standout Star Wars characters as you master their most powerful abilities

3. Several Iconic Star Wars Characters and Vehicles Will Be Playable

Avid Star Wars fans will be pleased to know that they’ll get to control iconic heroes and villains from the series. If you’re lucky enough, you may get the chance to become your favorite character after picking a power-up icon during a match. Check out the list below to find out who’s available to play from both sides of Star Wars’ intergalactic struggle:

– Luke Skywalker
– Darth Vader
– Princess Leia Organa
– Emperor Palpatine
– Han Solo
– Boba Fett

If you get tired of holding down the fort on foot, you’ll have a much better time helping your side win up in the skies. Players will get to command all types of familiar fighter ships. Take a gander at the list below to learn about which Star Wars spaceships you’ll have at your disposal:

– Millenium Falcon
– X-Wing
– A-Wing
– Snowspeeder
– TIE Fighter
– TIE Interceptor
– Speeder Bike
– Slave I

4. Three Different Editions of The Game are Available; The Season Pass Gifts Players With Early Access to Exclusive Content

Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku

See that teaser pic posted above? It represents the special pre-order bonus you’ll get if you put your money down early for Star Wars Battlefront. The special “Battle of Jakku” DLC awards pre-order recipients with two additional maps, which are inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This extra piece of DLC comes with pre-orders of the Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate editions of the game.

Star Wars Battlefront

The Standard version Star Wars Battlefront is…well, standard. As for the Deluxe Edition, it comes with five additional in-game bonus items (the DL-44 blaster, Ion Grenade, Ion Torpedo, Ion Shock and “Victory” emote). The Ultimate Edition not only comes with those aforementioned items, but it also gives players access to the game’s Season Pass.

Star Wars Battlefront

Purchasing the Season Pass means you’ll get four expansion packs that have yet to be announced. Along with two weeks of early access to those DLC packs, players will also be gifted with the exclusive “Shoot 1st” emote.

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5. A Special PS4 Bundle Dedicated to The Release of This Shooter is Up for Grabs

Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundle

For future buyers of the PS4 (who also happen to be huge Star Wars nerds), there’s a special console bundle waiting for you. Check out the pic above to see that wonderful custom PS4, then hit up the list below to see its full contest offering:

– a customized 500GB Darth Vader PlayStation 4 console
– a customized DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
– an AC Power Cable
– an HDMI Cable
– a USB 2.0 Cable
– a Mono Wired Headset
– a physical copy of Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition
– a digital voucher for four Star Wars classics (Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars Bounty Hunter)

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