‘Bakery Story 2’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Bakery Story 2.

1. Maximize Your Profits and Get New Appliances & Recipes Into Your Bakery

Bakery Story 2

• Watch your customers. If customers are being turned away, it means that you don’t have enough seats in your bakery. Expand and add more tables and chairs to serve more customers and earn coins faster. Always get the new appliances and recipes when they become available. Each new recipe you unlock has a larger payout than the last. Sometimes unlocking a new recipe may seem like a big investment, but you will make up for it in a short time.

2. Keep Your Customers Satisfied When You Stop Playing the Game and Upgrade Your Grocers

• Customers continue visiting your bakery even when you’re not playing, so try to have lots of baked goods on your counters before you stop playing. When you come back, you’ll have earned a lot of coins!
Save time by being efficient. Upgrade your Grocers as soon as you can. You’ll be able to get ingredients faster, so you’ll be able to bake more and more often.

3. Focus on Acquiring Parts

• Fill To-Go Orders to earn parts. Parts allow you to upgrade your Grocers and Pantry, and they let you grow and expand your bakery. Filling To-Go Orders is the best way to get these parts. To-Go Orders also sometimes reward lucky players with premium gems, which can be used to buy exclusive decorations.

4. Pay Attention to Your Quests

Bakery Story 2

• Keep on top of your quests. Completing quests is an excellent way to earn experience points, so you can level up faster and discover more recipes.

5. So What are Quick Serves About?

• Quick Serves are a powerful way to speed up baking times. They can be obtained by connecting to Facebook and requesting them from your friends. You may also occasionally be awarded a Quick Serve from completing To-Go Orders. Use them, especially on recipes with long bake times!




Fake !! All these cheats are survey spams don’t fall for it


Yeah be careful. I actually was able to find a real bakery story 2 cheat here: cheatgeeks.com/bakery2

Taylor M.

I’ve been looking through different websites for cheats on this just to make game-time just a little bit easier. Just thought I’d share what worked for me and has become a personal favourite: castlecheats.com/bakerystory2.

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